Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mother Gaia Goddess Box!

It's that time again — Goddess Provisions box unpacking time! I subscribe to these monthly boxes of crystals, oils, vegan snacks, and beauty products, and I like to share the contents of each box on the blog. Here's my June box! The theme this month was Mother Gaia (which is funny because Memphis has a new vegetarian restaurant called Mama Gaia).

The box's contents are all items that come from the Earth. There's a third chakra oil, an ayurvedic soap, a recycled glass bracelet, lip conditioning oil, digestive bitters, a raw snack bar, and an obsidian heart.

I LOVE the obsidian heart. Obsidian is a stone that's been missing from my collection, and I keep meaning to pick one up from the crystal shop. Now I don't have to! It's used to transmute negativity and enhance psychic protection.

The 4Ocean Bracelet is made with recycled glass, and for each bracelet Goddess Provisions purchased for these boxes, 4Ocean pledged to remove a pound of trash from the ocean! That's a pretty sweet deal. Plus, it looks really cool.

I needed more soap, and this Auromere Ayurvedic Vanilla-Neem Bar came just in time. It's made with vanilla, wildcrafted neem, and 15 Ayurvedic herbal oils and extracts. The vanilla-neem bar is supposed to be good for delicate and aging skin (that's me!), and it helps mitigate vata and pitta imbalances. It smells amazing!

The Tuore Naturals Lip Conditioning Oil also arrived just in time. My lips have been dry and cracked lately, but this blend of jojoba and sunflower oils with ylang ylang and sweet orange oils has certainly helped. And the Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters are really neat! I didn't even know this sort of thing existed. It's a natural remedy for gas, heartburn, and upset stomach. I don't get heartburn, but I can be pretty gassy at times. Will be good to have this around. You just spray it in your mouth a few times before eating when you feel a gassy time or heartburn coming on.

The Golden Earth Chakra 3 Oil is designed to stimulate the third chakra, the solar plexus. It's made with neroli oil that's been infused with citrine. It's supposed to boost self trust and confidence.

I enjoyed this Shanti Vitality Bar before a weeknight yoga class earlier this week. This raw bar has 17 grams of vegan protein, plus dried mulberries, spicy chocolate, cacao, and maca. Very yummy, and it kept me full throughout class.

By the way, I'm a Goddess Provisions ambassador, which means I make a couple bucks if anyone signs up using this link. I don't get my boxes free though, just to be clear. I subscribe and pay the $35 a month, and it's totally worth it. It's a great deal, and the boxes are so much fun!


Susan said...

Those digestive bitters seem intriguing. I might need some of that in my life!

Sarah said...

Another really well put together box! I really love that stone and the bracelet. The bracelet is beautiful and I love that they have made that pledge to remove trash from the ocean. Really great box, thanks for sharing!

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