Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Munk Packs: Perfect Pre-Run Fuel

Back in 2015, I reviewed Munk Pack's oatmeal fruit squeezes (and provided an update on my old squirrel friend, Herman). At the time, Munk Pack made three flavors, but they've since come out with two more and they sent me those to review.

There's a new Peach Chia Vanilla flavor and a Maple Pear Quinoa flavor. These vegan, non-gmo squeeze packs are filled with a soft, squeezable paste made from gluten-free oats, real fruit, fruit juices, and other good stuff like quinoa and chia seeds.

Each pouch has 90 calories and 20 carbs, making it ideal pre-run fuel for a short morning run, like a 3- to 4-miler. I had both of these new flavors before morning runs this week, and they kept me fueled until I could make it home for a protein smoothie. You see, I wake up at 5 a.m. and only have about 20 minutes before I hit the road for my run, so I need quick, easily digestible carbs. And Munk Packs are PERFECT for that. Plus, they're a nice change from my usual dates or raw fruit/nut bars.

I wish I'd known how perfect these were pre-workout when I reviewed Munk Packs in 2015. Back then, I had them as afternoon snacks, and while they helped satisfy my hunger for awhile, they seem to me to be even better suited for pre-workout.

The peach chia has a strong peach flavor that tastes like summer (by the way, happy first day of summer, y'all -- Summer Solstice meal recap coming tomorrow!), but the maple pear was my fave. I love anything maple flavored, and this reminded me of pancakes topped with sliced pear.

The oatmeal in these packs makes for a lightly chewy texture, but for the most part, the paste is smooth and creamy, like baby food for adults. I haven't seen these sold in stores in Memphis, but you better believe I'd be stocking up if they were. Munk Pack also makes vegan protein cookies, and I'd love to try those one day!


vegan peace said...

I am so with you on the maple flavor, and pears are one of my favorite fruits! I've always been scared to try a squeeze pack because of texture issues. Maybe one day I'll be brave!

Sarah said...

These look so fun! The flavors sound delicious. You can't get better than peach in the summer. I've been obsessed with peaches lately. I'm a little curious about the texture too but it definitely sounds interesting! I agree it is perfect for pre-workout fuel!

Jennifer said...

I got the maple pear in my vegan cuts box and I was expecting to hate them. I mean pouch food are for little kids right? I saved it for last and I ended up LOVING it. I get so tired because packaged foods are so sweet- but this wasn't. Nor did the texture bother me. Really surprised.

Unknown said...

Do you just eat these room temp..? Or cold..? I also workout first thing in the morning , these sound like they're perfect! The only squeeze pack i have tried and liked is mamma chia if it's chilled

Evelyn Hana said...

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