Memphis Vegan Dining Guide

2 Vegan Sistas — Mostly raw/totally vegan cafe with amazing cashew-based mock chicken salad sandwiches, live pizza, live falafel, cooked spaghetti, stir-fries with quinoa, and much more. Dessert is not to be missed. Try the peanut butter and carob Reese's Raw Pie or the nut and date-based Raw Oreos. 6343 Summer Ave, #110 (1-800-984-0379).

4 Dumplings — Asian dumpling restaurant specializes in low-fat, low-calorie, high-fiber meals. Nothing is fried! They have delicious vegan dumplings, tofu spring rolls, and vegan tofu tacos!  6515 Poplar, Suite 103. (901-762-4184,

A-Tan Chinese Restaurant — Chinese restaurant with sushi and hibachi grill. Menu features several vegetarian selections. If you drink alcohol, try the Flaming Volcano (a tropical, flaming cocktail served in a ceramic volcano-shaped bowl).  3445 Poplar (901-458-8877).

Absynnia Restaurant – This Ethiopian restaurant features a number of low-fat vegetarian dishes served with endless spongey injera bread. Don't miss their amazing Saturday buffet where almost every dish offered is vegetarian. 2600 Poplar (901-321-0082).

Al-Rayan — Cute Middle Eastern joint tucked into a nondescript shopping center serving the best hummus and falafel in town. Plus, they have a few Ethiopian dishes, including the vegan Ful (a steaming dish of mashed fava beans with olive oil, lemon, garlic, and onion). There's also a tasty (and very filling) vegetable sandwich. Try the Arabic Coffee! 288 N. Cleveland. (901-272-0227).

Arepa & Salsa — Venezuelan food! At first glance, the menu seems very un-veg-friendly. But tell the server you're vegan, and request the De Pabellon without meat, cheese, or dairy sauce. You'll be served the most amazing sandwich of black beans and plantain on arepa bread (like a tamale, but bread!). Ask them to add avocado, and you'll thank me. 662 Madison. (901-949-8537). 

Bangkok Alley — Thai meets Japanese at this Thai eatery/sushi bar. Vegetarian options are clearly marked as "Vegetarian (No Meat)." While the veg selection is not huge, the sauces used for entrees are absolutely delicious, and plain un-fried tofu can be added to veggie stir-fries. Brown rice is also an option. Bangkok Alley also serves Lolonis Ladybug wine, an organic wine produced by a winery that uses ladybugs for pest control rather than chemicals. 121 Union Ave. (901-522-2010).

Bhan Thai – Gourmet Thai dishes, any of which can be prepared with fried tofu. Be sure to ask the server to leave out fish sauce since it comes standard in most of their entrees. Avoid the curries, as they cannot be prepared without fish sauce. Also, avoid the soups as they are prepared with chicken stock. Its romantic ambiance makes this a great date restaurant. 1324 Peabody (901-272-1538).

Blue Fin — Hip downtown sushi bar with several veggie rolls, including the best shitake roll in town. 135 S. Main (901-528-1010).
Boscos Squared – This Midtown microbrewery serves yummy veggie burgers and locally-sourced, locally-brewed Ghost River beer. 2120 Madison (901-432-2222).  

Brother Juniper’s – Scrambled tofu, veggie sausage, and other vegetarian breakfast items. Located in the University of Memphis area. 3519 Walker Ave. (901-324-0144).

Cafe Eclectic — Best black bean burger in town, available in wrap with spicy vegan mayo or on a whole wheat bun. Also hummus pita, roasted sweet taters, soy lattes, and fresh-baked loaves of sourdough and ciabatta bread. Cafe Eclectic offers a tasty tofu scramble wrap with avocado and grilled veggies during Sunday brunch. 603 N. McLean (901-725-1718).

CafĂ© Ole – Mexican fare with plenty of vegetarian options. Try the veggie tacos (served with bean sprouts) and the black bean soup. 959 S. Cooper (901-274-1504).

Casablanca/Casbah – Both locations of this eatery offer Moroccan/Middle Eastern fare. Their falafel is to die for, especially when served on their "Big Mac of the Middle East" falafel pita sammy. Also check out the rice-stuffed grape leaves. Try the Vegetarian Platter (grape leaves, falafel, hummus, pita), but ask them to leave off the cheesy spanakopita. Also, they have the best baba ganoush in the world. 5030 Poplar Ave, #7. (901-725-8558); 1890 N. Germantown Pkwy. (901-433-9712).
Central BBQ – Get your BBQ fix sans the pulled pork with their BBQ portabella sandwich. Vegans, ask them to leave off the cheese 2249 Central (901-272-9377).

Chaat Corner — Indian street food snack counter inside the India Bazaar grocery store. Cheap prices on chaat, such as samosa, masala dosa, vada, bhelpuri, and pani puri. 3810 Hacks Cross (901-638-0068).
Chang’s Bubble Tea – Numerous vegan bubble teas options! Stick with the fruit-flavored teas, as the milk teas and creamy teas (like coconut and chai) contain dairy. The food menu has a few vegan options, like curry tofu, vegetable tofu, and vegetable fried rice. 8095 Macon Road (901-682-7229).

Cheffie's Cafe — This build-your-own salad and sandwich cafe is ripe with vegan possibilities! While they have a vegan sandwich (The Garden) and a vegan salad (The Veggie Delite) on their set menu, you can also have their employees build you a salad or sandwich with anything you wish. Vegan options include mixed greens, baby spinach, romaine, arugala, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, carrots cucumber, pickle slices, banana peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, black beans and corn, roasted red peppers, a bell pepper mix, red onions, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, almonds, artichoke hearts, French fried onions, balsamic vinaigrette, and sun-dried tomato hummus. 483 High Point Terrace. (901-343-0488)

Chiwawa — Home of the Bianca Dawg! This Midtown eatery combines hot dogs and authentic Mexican fare, plus fascinating drinks made with tequila and whiskey (tequila snowcones! Whiskey popsicles!). The vegan hot dog is named after me! It's a spicy grilled Tofurky brat served on a pretzel bun and topped with black beans and mustard-based slaw. Order it with a side of the raw jicama, mango, and cucumber fries with chili-lime salt. Avoid the tortilla chips and fries, as both are fried in beef fat. (UPDATE: Chiwawa may be able to make vegan chips if you call ahead). 2059 Madison (901-207-1456)

Ciao Bella — This romantic East Memphis eatery is, by far, the most vegan-friendly Italian restaurant in town. Tell your server you're vegan and Chef Jonathan Steenerson will whip you up a special vegan meal — think grilled vegan cheese, broiled tofu over Brussels sprout puree, spinach fettucine with pesto, and even vegan sorbets! 565 Erin Dr. (901-205-2500).

Cooper Street 20/20 — Grab-and-go shop with weekly vegan specials (examples include vegan stuffed eggplant, chickpeas and rice, etc.). There are always a variety of vegan soups and several flavors of hummus to choose from. Each ingredient is listed on the label, but watch out for honey. 800 S. Cooper. 871-6879.

Cosmic Coconut — This all-vegan juice and smoothie bar offers delicious drinks using fresh, organic produce. They also serve coffee, tea, and smoothie bowls (smoothies served in a bowl topped with nuts, coconut, or granola). Try the Chocolate Covered Almond smoothie (bananas, coconut milk, carob, cacao, and almond butter) or the Solar Power Juice (carrots, apples, ginger, and orange). 5101 Sanderlin Ave., Suite 104B (901-729-7134).

Crazy Noodle — This Midtown noodle shop has a number of vegan options. And OMG, they have VEGAN RAMEN!! They use vegetable broth in some soups (Tofu Ramen, Vegetable Ramen, etc.), and others that aren't vegan on the menu can be made vegan by request. I love the Vegan Mandou-Guk, a soup with veggie dumplings, shiitakes, and Korean rice cakes. It typically has chicken broth and eggs, so be sure and ask for the vegan version! Also there are some vegan cold noodle dishes on the menu too. And the veggie sushi is hands-down the best in town. 2015 Madison. (901-272-0928).

Cupboard Restaurant — Southern meat-and-three diner, but they have vegan options! Many of the side dishes (turnip greens, spiced beets, green beans, northern beans, crowder peas, etc.) are made without meat drippings or other animal products. See this post for a full list of what's vegan and what day of the week each dish is offered. 1400 Union (901-276-8015).

Curry Bowl — Authentic South Indian cuisine! Curry Bowl has a massive lunch buffet with lots of veg options and fried awesomeness (dosa, pakora, vada, etc.). And they have a huge veggie selection on their regular menu. 4141 Hacks Cross. 901-207-6051.

Deja Vu Creole Soul Food and Vegetarian Cafe — Large vegan menu featuring Southern comfort foods, like mock chicken salad, BBQ tofu, and much more. All the soul food sides are vegan, like collard greens and candied yams. And they have vegan desserts!! Two locations: 51 S. Main St; 936 Florida St. (901-942-1400). Tip: The S. Main location is much bigger. Go there to avoid a long wait.

Derae Restaurant — Ethiopian restaurant with several vegan items. Try the vegetarian platter (lentils, cabbage, kale, and other goodness served over spongey injera). Also serving Ethiopian breakfast, such as ful (a fava bean stew), all day long. Plus, the owner is super-super-nice. Best service in town. 923 S. Highland (901-552-3992). 

Evelyn & Olive — This Jamaican restaurant and wine bar has several delicious vegan options. The black bean & tofu tacos (topped with kiwi salsa) is hands down the best thing on the menu, but the Kingston Cabbage is legendary. 630 Madison. (901-748-5422).

Evergreen Grill — A quaint little Italian joint in the Evergreen Historic District. The menu is mostly meaty, but there are a few vegan items like a roasted veggie sandwich with avocado and the world's best bruschetta. But make sure to request to have cheese left off of anything you order. 1545 Overton Park (249-2393).

Flavors Indian Cuisine — South Indian restaurant serving dosas, gobi manchurian, aloo gobi, Indian street snacks (chaat) and much more. Many of their dishes are vegetarian, and their Saturday buffet is overwhelming with delicious choices. 4205 Hacks Cross Rd. (737-9914). 

Fuel - This eco-friendly Midtown cafe offers plenty in the way of vegan options. The smoky house made vegan burger will blow your mind! Order it reuben-style, and your face will melt off. The vegan nachos and chili mac are both topped a hearty quinoa chili. Ask the server for vegan cheese.  At dinner, ask for the vegan pasta of the day or the tofu Thai curry. Fuel also serves a badass vegan brunch with tofu scramble, vegan biscuits and gravy, and more! By the way, this place is Project Green Fork certified, which means they recycle, compost, use green cleaners, and commit to sustainable business practices. 1761 Madison Ave. (901-725-9025).

Havana's Pilon — Authentic Cuban diner offering a number of vegan dishes. The stewed eggplant in tomato sauce is the only vegan main dish, but it comes with two sides. And a number of those sides are vegan — black beans and rice (BEST THING EVER!), boiled yuca, fried plantains, and more. 143 Madison. 901-527-2878.

Huey’s – Famous Memphis burger joint offering veggie burgers. The regular veggie patties are completely vegan! But avoid the black bean patty if you avoid eggs. 77 S. Second (901-525-4839); 1927 Madison (901-726-4372); 4872 Poplar (901-682-7729); 7825 Winchester (901-624-8911); 1771 N. Germantown Pkwy. (901-754-3885); 2130 W. Poplar, Collierville (901-854-4455).

Imagine Vegan Cafe — Memphis' ONLY totally-vegan cafe! Imagine offers a HUGE menu of veganized comfort food classics —French dip subs, Philly cheesesteaks, chicken fried steak, Frito chili pie, you name it. There's also a build-your-own vegan cheese pizza option and hot dog bar. Oh, and they have vegan cheese sticks! Freakin' vegan cheese sticks! And let's not forget dessert. The peanut butter milkshake will change your life, and the cakes, brownies, and cookies are to die for! Imagine now offers brunch from noon to 3 p.m. every Sunday. The Memphis Slam (biscuits topped with sausage, gravy, tofu scramble, and vegan cheese sauce) is amazing!! 2156 Young Ave. (

India Palace – Lots of veggie options are offered at this Midtown institution. Try the vegetable curry, the dhal soup, or the extensive buffet. 1720 Poplar (901-278-1199).
Jasmine – There are tons of vegan options at this yummy Thai restaurant. Dishes on about half the menu are served with tofu (and they have a huge menu). Try the Potato Basket (fried tofu and stir-fried veggies served in a basket made from fried hashbrowns). 916 S. Cooper (901-725-0223).
Java Cabana – This Cooper-Young coffeehouse serves vegan tacos, soy burgers, vegetarian sausage and biscuits, giant vegan cookies, and vegan cappuccinos. 2170 Young Ave. (901-272-7210).

Jiji's Wraps Cafe — No-frills cafe offering massive falafel wraps made with what very well may be the best falafel in town. Wrap combos come with fries or chips, but a single wrap is more than enough to fill a person up. They also serve vegan Ethiopian veggies on Fridays. 3950 Park (901-417-6298).

Kwik Chek – Who says convenience store food has to be unhealthy? At the Kwik Chek on Madison (across from the Blue Monkey), they’re serving up Korean-style bibimbap (order it vegan-style with tofu and no egg). And they also have fantastic falafel and hummus pitas (vegans: ask them to leave off the cucumber sauce). 2013 Madison (901-274-9293).

Lunchbox Eats — Quaint downtown school-themed diner where the food is served on plastic lunch trays and they serve a lemonade of the day (try the blueberry!). Vegan options include portabella wellington on phyllo (but be sure to ask them to spread the dough with oil and not butter) and a big ass salad (ask them to omit cheese and croutons). The best part are the sides! Kale Chips! Roasted Chickpeas! Pound o' fries!! 288 S. Fourth (901-526-0820)

Mellow Mushroom — Vegan-friendly pizza parlor offering Daiya vegan cheese (OMG y'all!), BBQ tofu, pesto tofu, and tempeh toppings. Also offering tofu and tempeh hoagies. 9155 Hwy. 72 (901-907-0243). 

Midtown Crossing — Okay, so there's nothing vegan on their menu. But don't let that stop you! The folks at this Crosstown neighborhood pub are more than happy to make an off-menu vegan pizza loaded high with any veggies you want. The crust is homemade and delicious. Just be sure to ask for no cheese or butter. Also, Midtown Crossing is the home of Pink Diva Cupcakery, an all-vegan cupcake shop!! 394 N. Watkins. (901-443-0502).
Moe’s Southwest Grill – This national chain of burrito restaurants offers marinated tofu in place of chicken or steak on burritos and tacos. And bring your appetite because the burritos are super-fat! 6300 Poplar (881-6012); 465 N. Germantown Pkwy. (901-737-5058).
Molly’s La Casita – A Memphis staple, this Mexican joint makes a mean vegetarian platter. 2006 Madison (901-726-1873).

Mosa Asian Bistro — This Asian fusion eatery offers an assortment of Chinese and Thai dishes, most of which can easily be made vegan. Tofu is offered as a protein choice for almost every dish, and most are fish sauce-free. The friendly staff is happy to help vegans decipher the menu. 1825 Kirby Parkway (901-755-6755);  850 S. White Station (901-683-8889).

Mulan Asian Bistro — The Midtown location, situated in the heart of the hip Cooper-Young Historic District, offers an array of vegan dishes, like General Tso's Tofu, Eggplant in Garlic Sauce, and Sauteed Shanghai Greens. They also have an extensive sushi menu with vegan options. If you go for lunch, be aware that none of the lunch menu options appear to be made with tofu. But they'll happily substitute tofu in anything! 2149 Young Ave. (901-347-3965).

New Hong Kong — This modest mom-and-pop Chinese shop has a secret vegan menu! Just ask the lady behind the counter, and feast your eyes (and eventually your mouth) on the massive menu of classic Asian dishes prepared with mock chicken, mock beef, mock shrimp, mock ham, and fried bean curd. They even have vegan fried wontons! 4594 Quince (901-680-0999).
Otherlands – This quaint little Midtown coffeeshop serves vegan frozen coffee drinks, juices, bagels with various spreads, soups, and other yummy quick items. 641 S. Cooper (901-278-4994).
P.F. Chang’s China Bistro – Fine dining the vegetarian way. Though only a few menu items list tofu, ANY dish at P.F. Chang’s can be made with tofu instead of meat. Just ask your waiter. 1181 Ridgeway (901-818-3889). 
Pei Wei Asian Diner – A fast-food version of P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, this Midtown chain serves several tasty tofu dishes. 1680 Union (901-722-3780); 2257 North Germantown Parkway (901-382-1822).
Pho Hoa Binh – During the work week, this little Vietnamese joint has a buffet full of fried tofu stir-fries and soups. And it’s only like $6 for all-you-can-eat! Other times of the day, order off the extensive menu. 1615 Madison (901-276-0006).

Phuong Long — Vietnamese joint with several tofu and vegetable-based dishes. The lemongrass tofu is fantastic. 306 N. Cleveland. (901-725-5079). 

Pink Diva Cupcakery — All-vegan cupcake shop!! Baker Cassi Conyers whips up cakes to sell from her headquarters inside the Midtown Crossing restaurant. She's there slinging vegan cake daily between 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. on weekdays and 4:30 and 8:30 p.m. on weekends (except she is off on Thursdays). She also takes special orders at this website. Try the Diva Delight (chocolate coffee cupcake stuffed with chocolate mousse and topped with a vegan whipped frosting and ganache). 394 N. Watkins. (901-443-0502).

Pyro's Fire Fresh Pizza — This build-your-own pizza joint has vegan cheese! And the pizzas come in lovely single-serve 11-inch sizes. You get a crust and then pick your sauce, cheese, and as many of the 40 toppings as you want (LOTS of those toppings are veggies, btw). Then they fire the pizza in a wood-fired grill. You can also build salads. And they have a great selection of local craft brew. 1199 Ridgeway in East Memphis (379-8294); 2035 Union in Midtown (208-8857).

Rock 'n' Dough Pizza Co. — This East Memphis pizzeria offers a delicious Vegan Pie topped with vegan white sauce, Daiya cheese, roasted bell peppers, zucchini, spinach, and kalamata olives. Also, you can build your own vegan cheese pizza. Small dining room, so avoid peak times or pick up a pie to take home. 1243 Ridgeway Rd. Call (901) 435-6238.

RP Tracks — This U of M bar & grill serves YUMMY barbecue tofu nachos, a barbecue tofu burrito, a barbecue tofu sandwich, a veggie burger, wild rice & veggies, and some damn good hummus. A must for any local or visiting vegetarian! 3547 Walker. (901-327-1471).

Saigon Le — Vietnamese restaurant with tons of tofu dishes and a few wheat gluten-based entrees. Try the Kung Pao Tofu, the Lemongrass Tofu, or the Barbecue Wheat Gluten. 51 N. Cleveland. (901-276-5326).

Slider Inn — This Midtown slider joint offers a vegan slider made from brown rice, black beans, beets, onion, and jalapeno and topped with avocado and sprouts. Order a plate of three and consume with Slider Inn's amazing French fries. 2117 Peabody Ave. (901-725-1155).

Three Angels Diner — This kitschy diner in the Broad Avenue Arts District features several vegan options, including the world's best tofu eggless salad sandwich. The Momma's Tofu sandwich is also delish — baked tofu and roasted red peppers. And their housemade vegan burger is a must-try. 2617 Broad Ave. (901-452-1111).

Trolley Stop Market — Adorable farm-to-table cafe where owners Jill and Keith use produce from their own farm to make many of the dishes. Trolley Stop has a vegan cheese (Daiya) option for their housemade, locally-famous pizzas. Plus, you can add vegan cheese to their delectable Spinny Shroom Sandwich (spinach and mushrooms on toasted bread ... ask for no butter on the bread). There's also an amazing homemade veggie burger and a hummus and black bean wrap. 704 Madison. (901-526-1361).  

Two Vegan Sistas — Raw food delivery service. There is no storefront, and orders must be placed one day in advance. Try the amazing cashew-based mock chicken salad, the creamy kale salad, or live fruit pies and raw Oreos. They also serve a few healthy cooked dishes, such as baked sweet potato fries and quinoa stir-fry. Here's the menu. Closed Saturdays  (1-800-984-0379).

Something Healthy — This is a food truck, so you have to check their Facebook page to find out where they'll be at any given time. But it's totally vegan! There are hummus & veggie sandwiches, chickpea tacos, guacamole, black bean soup, lentil chili, and peanut butter hemp balls (made with hemp hearts, peanut butter, dark chocolate, and crunchy cereal). And they have lots of smoothies (made with almond or coconut milk)! Here's their Facebook page. 

Whole Foods – Offering several vegan and vegetarian entrees on the hot bar and salad bar, as well as a number of vegetarian take-home deli items. The mock chicken nuggets on the hot bar are a must-try. 5022 Poplar (685-2293). 

Young Avenue Deli – Not only do they boast the best homemade French fries in town, they also serve several delicious veggie wraps, quesadillas, and sandwiches (one even includes fried tofu). 2119 Young Ave. (278-0034).


Katie said...

Thank you so much for this!

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Thanks for all your effort. This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Which places are closest to the downtown marriot?
I'm vegan and new to the area!

Brian said...

nice list. i pinged you on twitter. i'm coming in town for a trade show next tuesday, i'll have to look up where i'm staying, cant recall off hand. i'm curious to know your top picks. i hear brother juniper's was off the hook. i only have 3 nights, want to make them count :-)

morganbb said...

You used to have Trolley Stop Market & Three Angels Diner on here. What happened to them?

Verdant Vegan said...

Memphis is my hometown and I'm glad I can return and find some great places to eat now that I'm vegan! Thanks so much!!

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This list is amazing! I don't think I realized how many vegan options there were in Memphis?! Little Rock is so lame. haha! Definitely want to check some of these places out next time we are in town!

Jenny Bradley said...

Hi Bianca! I totally used your blog, back in March, when driving from Chicago to Austin and passing through Memphis! Ate at Brother's Juniper. Your blog was a lifesaver!
Thank you! xoxo

Debbie Gilbert said...

I am stunned at this dining guide. When I left Memphis in 1999, the dining scene was definitely not vegan-friendly and there were no all-vegetarian restaurants in town. Apparently a lot has changed! I will use your guide as a reference next time I'm visiting the city. Thanks for doing the research.

TattooedProfessor said...

I am a new practicing vegan just learning the ropes. So far I have only eaten at home. Thanks for this list. There is just no excuse to not eat consciously and healthy!

Anonymous said...

I've lived here all my life and had no idea there were so many options for vegan dishes. Thank you for such an extensive list!

Garden Designers said...

Nice list, but i would like to get that name of a couple of top restaurants. I'm planning to visit Memphis at the end of May or Beginning of June.

~Aansy Stone

Anonymous said...

Nice list! Always been to Imagine and Whole foods but now I got a whole bunch more when I'm up that way :))

Justin (Lotus Artichoke) said...

Hey! How's that South Indian place? (Flavors) I might recommend it to a friend in the area. I was last in Memphis in '98 and had some amazing, super crazy spicy Indian food, but the name of the place escapes me now.

tara said...

new vegan here. i was at huey's last night and the veggie burger wasn't on the menu, but i guess if you ask about it . . . anyway, awesome list. do you know of any groups that like meet up and eat out to try different places? i don't have many friends in town, and the ones i do are not vegan. holler if you know of something . . .


Bianca said...

Hi Tara! I just sent you a response on your own blog, but for anyone else who sees this, there is a vegan/vegetarian social group in Memphis called Food Awareness. We meet once a month at veg-friendly places. Check out for dates and times.

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Keep up this great blog and keep great information coming for new people like me.

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Sarah said...

I just tried to order a sandwich from Trolley Stop and was informed that the bread is not vegan--it has eggs in it :( :( :(

Sarah said...

I just tried to order a sandwich from Trolley Stop and was informed that their bread is not vegan--it has eggs in it :( :( :(

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where did you get that bbq at the top of you blog page - I would love to have a faux bbq tonight - great blog. thx

Kim Bledsoe Lloyd said...

Is there anywhere to get ready-to-eat macrobiotic food in Memphis? My macrobiotic sister is coming to town in November. She is reversing a physical illness macrobiotically and I want to help her out with some yummy food when she comes to town.

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this is awesome. thank you.

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Rizzo's diner in south main does vegan very uniquely and well...the stuffed avocado with quinoa is always on the menu. Each night the vegetarian special changes and if it isn't vegan the chef will make it so. If you call ahead and let him know you are vegan he will tailor a dish to your liking. We have people that come in and order 4 courses off the menu, all vegan, by request. So though we aren't a vegan restaurant, we happily cater to you and there are plenty of choices for the carnivorous. (:

Anonymous said...

Went to Trolley Stop last night, and they said they didn't carry vegan tortillas for the wraps. The pizza is still really good, but I love the wraps and was sad I couldn't have one.

Shannon said...

I'm vegan and work at Otherlands Coffee Bar, and just wanted to make an update - we no longer carry Daiya cheese for cheese toast, sadly :( Just regular old cheddar. Thankfully, we still have Earth Balance butter for things like cinnamon toast. :)

Bianca said...

Aw, thanks for the update Shannon! I will fix the listing. But damn, I'll miss that cheese toast. :-(

Bianca said...

Aw, thanks for the update Shannon! I will fix the listing. But damn, I'll miss that cheese toast. :-(

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Is chipotle vegan friendly?

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This should be edited with Balewa's too!!

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Imagine, in mid-town, is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Imagine in mid-town is amazing!

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Good Post! Thanks for sharing very interested post with us.... Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai

Janne said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Imagine...ate there back in November based on your recommendation and now it's the first place I go to when I come to Memphis. The new digs are a little different than the old but the food (and desserts) are just fabulous. Also ate at Fuel; had the vegan 'duck' spring rolls and peanut dipping sauce. EXCELLENT!! My friend gave me the Edible Memphis mag with your article as well. Life is good.

Kate said...

Thanks so much! My boyfriend and I are vegetarians, living in midtown. I also don't eat cow products. It's awesome that you took the time to write a restaurant guide. Its so hard to eat out sometimes on a no meat diet, we always end up going to the same places. Now I feel confident to branch out! So glad I happened upon your blog!

Bianca said...

Glad to help, Kate!!

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Thanks for the things you put here.. great work

katrina said...

BIG THANK YOU!!! I am heading to memphis in a couple of weeks to visit my family and the last time I was there, about 5 years ago I couldn't find anywhere to eat except whole foods and one other place. Much gratitude and appreciation! Now I can relax and look forward to my visit. Yay!

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I'm a vegan food lover... thanks for hosting this food guide.

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Thanks for the list and blog, I am constantly referring to it and recommending it to friends. FYI, I noticed Alchemy has vegan strawberry pancakes on their brunch menu, have not tried them though.

Nolan said...

I went to Mosa Asian Bistro tonight and it was PERFECT. Great food, huge vegan selection, perfect service and my server knew exactly what was vegan and what wasn't! Thanks for sharing!

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Cafe eclectic no longer offers the vegan pancakes and their black bean burger and veggie sausage are morningstar farms which contain egg.

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I am vegan and gluten free. It would be good to let us know which places have both vegan and gluten free items.

Bianca said...

Hey Arthur! That is a great suggestion. I'll try to add gluten-free tips when I know a place has gluten-free stuff. I'm not gluten-free myself, so I have to admit that I haven't paid much attention to that in local restaurants in the past. But I'll try to start!

Anonymous said...

It would be great to include a map of these restaurants on the page, so people who are living in (or visiting) a particular part of town can quickly see what is near them!