Monday, June 5, 2017

This is Bananas!

I'm bananas over bananas, y'all. I consume at least one a day in my smoothies, and I love having bananas with peanut butter as an afternoon snack, especially on days that I have after-work yoga. It's safe to say that bananas are my favorite fruit. Well, unless we're counting avocados as fruit, and then maybe bananas would take second place.

Anyway, the folks at Banana Wave sent me a couple cartons of their non-dairy bananamilk to sample and review. And man is it good!

This is a banana and soy-based milk, and each 8-ounce serving contains one small banana, 29 vitamins and minerals, 1,200 milligrams of omega-3's, vitamin c, vitamin e, and iron. They claim it can be a meal replacement, and maybe that's true nutritionally, but I can say with certainty that this would not be enough for me as a meal.

It is, however, fabulous in a smoothie with added berry protein powder, more banana, and strawberries. That's how I tried it right away after my package arrived. This may have been the most banana-y smoothie ever!

It's also perfect with cereal. I had some on Saturday morning with Love Grown Mighty Flakes. And this was a mighty fine little breakfast since my friends and I were picnicking a couple hours later. I didn't want anything too heavy. This bowl would have been prettier with added fruit, but I didn't want anything coming between me and my banana flavor.

My only complaint is, at 150 calories per cup, this milk is a bit of a calorie bomb. I'm used to drinking unsweetened almond or cashew milks that range between 25 to 40 calories per cup. I don't believe Banana Wave has an unsweetened version, but I hope they add one to their product line-up soon! That said, I'd still love to have this sweeter version of Banana Wave around as an occasional treat.


vegan peace said...

I love bananas and peanut butter as a snack too! Banana milk sounds amazing. I remember someone saying you can blend a banana with a little water to make a milk if you're in a pinch and I never tried it. I bet cereal with this milk is divine. I bet it would make really delicious chocolate milk too!

Sarah said...

B-A-N-A-N-A-S!! Haha. This is a very cool idea. I think you used it perfectly in smoothies and cereal. I don't think I could drink a glass of it plan but I love the idea of the banana flavor in the smoothie and cereal. Oooh I'm with vegan peace, a little chocolate and peanut butter and this would be insane!! You could probably make a pretty amazing milkshake with those flavors :)

Trixie said...

Do the Mighty flakes stay crunchy in milk? Been meaning to try them.

Bianca said...

Hey Trixie! I can't say for certain because I ate them all before they got soggy! :-) But they stayed pretty crunchy for about the 5 minutes it took me to eat that bowl. They're really tasty.