Sunday, October 26, 2014

Birth-o-ween Weekend!!

As you probably know from reading my many birthday-related posts last week, I had a birthday. I tend to celebrate for at least a week and sometimes longer, especially when some of my favorite people can't be with me on my actual birthday. Such was the case this year. My BFF Sheridan couldn't come down for my birthday party last weekend, so she and her husband Drew came to Memphis to visit this past weekend, which just so happened to be pre-Halloween weekend.

They arrived just in time for lunch on Saturday. But before we headed out to eat, I opened presents. They got me the Thug Kitchen cookbook!!! And an awesome seed sprouting tray and some cupcake accessories! Oh yea, I dyed my hair hot pink (more on that in a few).

After presents, we headed to Imagine Vegan Cafe. I ordered the Potato Skins, loaded with vegan cheese, bacon bits, and sour cream.

Next, we went to the Broad Avenue Arts District to support Cassi's Pink Noodle pop-up shop at the Rock-n-Roll Country Carnival.

I bought Cassi's Vegan Nachos! And a Watermelon Candy Apple (but my picture of that didn't turn out).

We stuck around to watch the band, Aimee & Rickie (and their cute animal friends!) sing awesome songs about raising baby squirrels (YES!!!), lentils, and gay marriage.

 And we played for a bit with the fun carnival games! 

And then we hit up Wiseacre Brewing Company for some delicious local brews. I had a pint of the Lord Skylark Earl Grey Pale Ale and a sample of the Holy Candy.

Later, we headed to Crazy Noodle for dinner. I ordered the Vegetable Ramen with tofu, shiitakes, corn, turnip, and other veggies. Omg, so good.

We had plans to go to a Halloween party at my friend Andy's house on Saturday night. I went as Red from Orange is the New Black. That's the reason for the new hair. I tried dying it bright red, but it came out hot pink. And that's totally fine, but I added some red temporary hair spray for my costume.

Sheridan and Drew made the PERFECT Jon Snow and Ygritte from Game of Thrones.

On Sunday morning, before they left town, we met Stephanie for brunch at Fuel Cafe, where I had a Beermosa (mango juice + hard apple cider) and Sheridan stuck with coffee.

We all ordered the Vegan Quinoa Chili Cheese Fries with Avocado to ward off our post-Halloween hangovers. They may have been running low on vegan cheese in the kitchen because they were much skimpier with it than usual. But the fries were still delicious.

While we waited on our meals, we snacked on Vegan Doughnuts that Stephanie picked up at Imagine on her way to Fuel. Mmmmmm ... doughnuts. This was the first doughnut Sheridan has had since going vegan several years ago!

And then Sher and Drew hit the road back home to Little Rock. We had a great weekend, and I'm so happy I got to spend pre-Halloween with my BEST FRIEND!!


Dana said...

Looks like SO much fun! Your costumes were all great, too. I can't wait to come back and eat at Imagine with you again. Also, love the hair. Very manic panic. ;)

foodfeud said...

Hmm, I have never watched GoT or OITNB but I LOVE yr costume!! Ha! I wish I were good at coming up with costume ideas.
Never seen corn or turnip in a ramen soup, but I'm sure it was good. I usually stick with greens, mushrooms, and carrots. Boring, huh?
Holy Candy beer sounds fantastic.

Kyleigh said...

Sounds like a fun time.

Awesome costume!!!

I just got the "Thug Kitchen" book a few weeks ago and it's fantastic!

Babette said...

I like your hair!

But I'm not sure about fries to cure hangovers, and about fries for brunch =)

River said...

Happy belated birthday, Bianca! It looks like you had an awesome time. Your hair looks badass! That's a cool Halloween costume right there. I'm still waiting for a time when I'm not an antisocial hermit so I can wear something like your "crazy cat lady" costume for a Halloween party :D

Eva Nemec said...

Totally digging that pink hair. Usually, NOBODY besides Jeffree Star can pull off pink hair as it looks like a wig, but you make it look natural! A sure sign of success! And believe me, I'm a hair dye connoisseur.