Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keep On Crunkin': What "Crunk" Means to Me

This is the first in a series of blog posts for my cookbook's social media campaign, cleverly titled "Keep On Crunkin'." My publisher, Book Publishing Company, and Vegan Mainstream have joined forces for this seven-day promotion filled with giveaways, contests, etc. I'm inviting you to get crunk with me! Every day, I'll share recipes, giveaways, and tips, and there will be a social media action that you can take on the 7-day Vegan Crunk Challenge for a chance to win a copy of my cookbook, other vegan cookbooks from BPC, or a Cookin' Crunk apron!

All taking the challenge means is that you'll read along and cook along with me. If you don't have my cookbook yet, pick one up! You can even buy one right here on my site using the Paypal button on the right side of the blog.

To kick off the "Keep On Crunkin'" campaign, I thought it'd be helpful to share with y'all just what "crunk" means to me. Or hell, just what "crunk" means at all. Since my book has come out in September, I've heard "What does crunk mean?" about as often as most vegans hear the ubiquitous "Where do you get your protein?" question.

Memphis folks know what crunk means. The Dirty South knows what crunk means. But for everyone else, here's a fun crunk tutorial.

Here's the official Merriam-Webster definition (yes, "crunk" is in the dictionary!):
A style of Southern rap music featuring repetitive chants and rapid dance rhythms
And that scratches the surface. It is, indeed, a style of rap music that originated in Memphis (think Triple 6 Mafia). But crunk is so much more. It's about passion. It's about excitement. It's about getting wild and crazy. When a party gets crunk, well, that's where you want to be.

I love a good ole crunk party, but I also manage to keep it pretty crunk up in my kitchen. I get excited about Southern soul food. I'm passionate about peas (black-eyed ones, of course). I'm wild about watermelon. I get crunk over cornbread and collard greens. I infuse soul and love and fun into everything I cook. It's like a party in my pantry every day.

And like so many good Southern women (and men!), I got my fervor for cookin' from my mama and my granny. I grew up watching them delicately layer casseroles and pull together pies like nobody's business. Over the next seven days, I'll be sharing a few recipes and Southern kitchen tricks, many of which I learned from those ladies. Just for fun (and inspiration), here are a few of my favorite dishes from Cookin' Crunk.

Country Fried Tempeh Steak with Soymilk Gravy

BBQ Black-eyed Pea Burger 

Veggie Lovers Cornbread Pizza

Old Fashioned Coconut Pie

Speaking of crunk, my pal Tami of Vegan Appetite has "crunked" one of her own recipes to help me get the word out about this campaign. Basically, that just means she put a Southern spin on her dish. What'd she make? Tofu Scramble with Tomato Thyme Gravy, y'all!!! And she posted the recipe for her mouth-watering gravy. You can find pics and the recipe on her blog.

Now on to the giveaway. Each day of this 7-day blitz will include an action you can take for a chance to win a Cookin' Crunk cookbook, another BPC vegan cookbook, or a Cookin' Crunk apron. If you already have my book, no worries. We're also giving away copies of Artisan Vegan Cheese, Raw Food Made Easy, Enlightened Eating, and Vegan for the Holidays!

Today's action: Let everyone know that you are taking the Vegan Crunk Challenge! Post "I'm going Vegan Crunk For 7 Days!" on Twitter and use the hashtag #keeponcrunkin. I'll randomly select a winner for a cookbook at the end of the day. Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. CST.

I'll be swapping out the social media networks throughout the week. Some days with Twitter, some with Facebook, and some with Pinterest. That gives everyone who uses most social media a chance to win. But if you use Pinterest and plan to use it for some of the actions later this week (including one today, see below), there is one teensy thing I'll need you to do. Vegan Mainstream set up a group board for Keep On Crunkin'. To join, just click here and follow the directions at the top. It will instruct you to email Vegan Mainstream, and they'll get you approved, pronto. No need to do this if you don't plan to try some of the Pinterest giveaways later this week, but if you want to join in, it'll only take a second.

Extra credit: For a chance to win a Cookin' Crunk apron, you can post any recipe that you've made from Cookin' Crunk in the past or "crunk" your own recipe (just put a Southern spin on it ... there's no right or wrong way to get crunk) and put a picture on the group Pinterest board. We'll have two giveaways today! You can enter both!

And now, in case you need a little crunk musical inspiration, here's one of my favorite aristo-crunk videos from Memphis rappers Lord T & Eloise:

Or for something a little more traditional, here's some classic Triple 6 Mafia:


Unknown said...

Oooh, I love the photos Bianca! The cornbread with veggies looks amazing... as does the Black Eyed Pea Burger. Heck, the country-fried Tempeh Steak has got me drooling now, too. I'll take all three, please, and wrap things up with a slice of the Coconut Pie.

I made a very crunky Mac & Cheeze with brussels sprouts and broccoli baked into it last night. Maybe I'll post that on your Pinterest Crunkin' board! ;-)

Lisa Viger said...
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Lisa Viger said...

Oh man, I want that tempeh steak ... followed by the coconut pie. Excellent recipes and I've got your book on my "must buy soon!" list.

Lesley Eats said...

Man. I really, really want that country-fried tempeh steak right now. It looks SO GOOD.

(Not a contest entry; I'm just sayin')

Tami said...

Really excited about this, Bianca!

CupcakeCatie said...

This sounds great! : )

Mary Ellen Bowen said...

These are some mouthwatering looking recipe pics!

Unknown said...

Someday, SOMEDAY I will make making vegan chicken and waffles a reality in my kitchen! For now, I'll dream of more ways to get crunk!

coconutandberries said...

Thanks for enlightening me about "crunk"! Crunk parties and crunkin' in the kitchen both sound pretty good to me :)
That cornbread pizza is especially calling to me...

tender b. said...

That tempeh steak makes me go crunk!

verivegi said...

I cannot wait to try out some of your recipes! The photos make my mouth water! I've ordered the cookbook and expect to receive it tomorrow... (I'm counting down the minutes).

Anonymous said...
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Amelia said...

What an awesome week; even more reason to cook some delicious Southern food and a chance at your cookbook!