Monday, August 27, 2012

Isa Pizza!

I'm not sure why, but I've really been drawn to Vegan with a Vengeance lately. I mean, duh, it's a classic. And it's awesome. But I have a ton of cookbooks in my collection (more than 200), and many books tend to get swallowed up. Yet somehow, Vegan with a Vengeance always stands out and more so now than ever.

Last time I made pizza, I used Isa's Pizza Dough: A Novel recipe from VwaV. The recipe makes enough dough for two pizzas, so I froze half. I also made Isa's Pizza Sauce and froze half. And then my sweet neighbor Dennis gave me a big ole bundle of basil (like my alliteration there?) from his giant backyard basil plant a few weeks back. I made some simple walnut-pesto using this recipe (but subbing nutritional yeast for the parm). I froze that too.

So I basically had almost all the ingredients for the Isa Pizza from VwaV in my freezer. As Isa says in the introduction the recipe, a pizza with her namesake has to be awesome. And it is!

There's tomato sauce topped with mounds of pesto and Tofu-Basil Ricotta (also from VwaV), olives, and mushrooms. The rich pesto and creamy "ricotta" are a perfect complement. And while you wouldn't think a tomato sauce would even be necessary on a pesto pizza, it actually goes quite well with the other flavors.

New favorite pizza? Yep. I think so! Here's a close-up.

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Emma said...

I made the VWAV pizza dough last night too! I usually do 1/2 ww flour. I had a batch of sunflower seed basil pesto in the freezer and some lemony cashew/macadamia cheese hanging in the fridge so spread them on top and topped with grilled zucchini and sundried tomatoes :) I've made the "Isa Pizza" before too and loved it.

Sarah said...

Isa Pizza is so amazing, I love it. I haven't had it in awhile - still looking for a good gluten free crust. When I do make her crust recipe I split it in half and freeze half.

FoodandLoathing said...

I never freeze the dough, I just make the two pizzas and slice it and then freeze the slices.

I was trying to think of which recipe to use to make some marinara sauce because I have tons and tons of tomatoes that I slow-cooked and froze to use in place of canned tomatoes, and I'd forgotten about this recipe. Maybe I'll use it... said...

The WVAV pizza dough & sauce are my go tos when I'm craving pizza but I've never actually made the Isa Pizza. I think I need to get on that asap!

Babette said...

I still don't have VWAV. I don't know what I'm waiting for, especially since I love VCON.

Your pizza looks terrific. I actually thought the ricotta was real vegan cheese.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that looks outrageous! that pesto sounds wonderful!

tender b. said...

An amazing looking pizza for sure.