Monday, July 11, 2022

Pasta, Stir-fry, & a Summer Salad

Because I do my long runs every Saturday, I eat pasta every Friday night as my way to carb-load. Now, the science is still out on whether or not a pre-run pasta really helps, but I believe it does. Maybe it's all in my head though. Anyway, because I'm obsessed with The Fiber Fueled Cookbook right now, my last two pasta night recipes have come from there. A couple weeks ago,  I made the Simple Spaghetti with Garlicky Kale from that book, and it was fantastic! It has an olive oil-based sauce with shallots, garlic, kale, and red chili flakes.

This past Friday, I made the Pesto Pasta Salad using fresh basil from my herb garden. This simple salad has whole wheat penne and peas, and the pesto is made with hemp seeds rather than traditional pine nuts.

Here's a recent, tasty stir-fry. I sauteed air-fried, marinated tofu with fresh farmer's market cabbage, zucchini, and some Just Egg and served over brown rice.

I'm loving the fresh summer tomatoes right now! And I have fresh mint growing in my herb garden, so I figured it was time to try the Tomato, Artichoke, and Fennel Salad from The Blue Zones Solution book. I dog-earred a lot of recipes to make once the summer produce came in, and now is that time. The recipe was one shared from Sardinia where tomatoes, artichokes, and fennel are staples (Sardinia is a Blue Zone where people tend to live to 100). I sliced the fennel super thin on a mandolin, and it was scrumptious.


Sarah C said...

I wonder if you would be willing to give some tips on air-frying the tofu? My instant pot has an air-fryer lid, but nothing I've done has turned out super great (I battered some zucchini sticks to air-fry, but it just made a huge mess; I also tried air-frying falafel but they just got all dried out and not very appealing). I'd love to make better use of it if possible!

Bianca said...

Hey Sarah! Sure, I'll plan a post soon on just that! But real quick, I find the air fryer works best on tofu that isn't battered. I just take tofu cubes, marinate if I have, and then put in the air fryer at about 350 or 400 and air-fry for 10-15 minutes. And sometimes, I'll go longer if the texture isn't where I want it. It just dries the tofu out and gets the texture of baked tofu in a lot less time.

Sarah C said...

Awesome, thank you! I am going to try that tonight. (And yeah, that batter situation was a big mess!)