Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Bike Picnic Fun!

I usually do my long runs on Saturdays, but last weekend, I had a 5K race on Sunday (which I PR'ed, by the way!). So I took a "rest day" on Sunday and went on a long bike ride. I ride a cruiser bike and go very slow, so I don't really consider it to be a workout. Or at least that's what I thought! I packed a picnic and took off down the Shelby Farms Greenline for a 25 mile round-trip ride. 

Turns out, it was a bit of a workout. Mostly because it was 100 degrees outside, so it felt harder than it should have. But that said, it was still a great ride, and I enjoyed my picnic in the shade once I got to Shelby Farms. I even saw an owl on the greenline! I've never seen a real live owl in the wild!

I packed a Lulu's Tomato Cashew Cheese Tart, Miyoko's Smoked Farmhouse Cheddar with my homemade sourdough bread, onion/garlic jam, pickles, smoked olives, pickled chile carrots, cherry tomatoes, and grapes. Oh, and a Mason jar of wine! And, of course, plenty of electrolytes for the long, hot ride!

The Lulu's tart was especially tasty! I picked it at the Cooper-Young Farmers Market that morning. It has roasted cherry tomatoes blended into cashew cream in a flaky pastry crust.


Anonymous said...

Wow, big picnic inspiration! Congratulation on seeing the owl. Every time I’ve seen one it’s felt so important and awe inspiring.

Jenny said...

Wow, you really know how to have a picnic! It sounds so delicious. And congrats on your 5K PR!

Susan said...

That is an excellent looking picnic.

Dawn said...

Picnic looks great! And so cool that you saw a random owl! I haven't been on my bike since covid started; gonna have to change that.