Thursday, July 28, 2022

A Love Letter to Bread

Dear bread,

You're the best. I want to eat you every day. And I pretty much do, because I have to bake every week with my sourdough starter. Let's never break up, okay? Sorry you have to deal with gluten-haters. I'll never turn my back on you.

Your biggest fan,

This is yet another post dedicated to bread. If you don't eat gluten, I'm sorry. But I eat a lot of it because I'm always baking bread these days. Here's some very tasty Eggy Avocado Toast from The Fiber-Fueled Cookbook. Homemade sourdough, eggy tofu, everything bagel seasoning, and homemade pink kraut.

I tried two sandwiches with sourdough from Plant You. The Tempeh TLT has smoky tempeh bacon with hints of cumin. A really solid tempeh bacon recipe! Plus, cashew mayo!

And the Smashed Chickpea Salad Sandwich from Plant You was equally tasty. Rather than a typical mayo-based chickpea salad, this one has a tahini sauce and lots of onions, plus my homegrown broccoli sprouts.

And here's a tasty breakfast from The Fiber-Fueled CookbookVeggie Scramble with Sourdough. The veggie scramble is really a tofu scram with local zucchini and spinach. Dr. B recommends eating this with sourdough, and he didn't have to tell me twice. I had some homemade kraut on the side.

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NN said...

It always makes me laugh when someone finds out I am vegan and then asks "so you don't eat flour either?" Um....leave wheat & grains out of this!!! LOL