Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Some Stuff I Ate When I Had COVID

Well, after almost two and a half years of dodging a bullet, I finally got COVID. I knew it was inevitable at some point, and this new Omicron subvariant is suddenly everywhere, so ... oh well! Last Thursday, Paul started feeling sick after having been exposed to a coworker who was sick. He tested positive on Friday morning, and we tried to isolate him to one bedroom/bathroom. But that was fruitless, and I started feeling funky on Saturday. I took a test, and boom, COVID. 

At first, I just felt a little stuffiness, and I really hoped I'd be one of those lucky people who doesn't have symptoms. But by mid-day Saturday, the alternating fever and chills (and constant headache) kicked in, and we were both stuck in bed watching the latest season of Ozark. Even though I felt awful, I was kinda glad to finally have time to watch Ozark. Sometimes you need the Universe to just tell you sit down. 

I didn't have a super appetite on Saturday, but I did have some Ocean's Halo Vegan Chicken Ramen with added veggies and sriracha tofu.

And lucky me — I stockpiled Amy's No Chicken Noodle Soup back in 2020 just in case of COVID. But I hadn't yet had a reason to eat it. So I had some of that too.

By Sunday, I was feeling slightly better. The fever wasn't constant — just occasional — but the headache was still persistent. And my hunger was back in a big way! All I wanted to do was eat. I figured I needed to make sure I was getting plenty of antioxidants and micronutrients, so I made a Tofu TLT to get some greens in. And I made some fresh green juice to use up some kale, apples, and oranges that I had sitting around. Oh, and I also had lots of pretzels and chips all weekend because, for some reason, I was craving salty, spicy stuff. 

On Monday, I woke up with cold sweats, but the headache was gone. Yay! I took the day off work and laid pretty low so I could keep recovering. We'd finished Ozark by that point, but I started Inventing Anna and we rented Moonfall. Later that night, I made myself a very comforting meal of Beyond Chicken Tenders, Vegan Mac & Cheese, and Sauteed Kale. By the way, I was still starving all day, despite eating at least four (maybe five?) meals. 

Finally, on Tuesday, I woke feeling pretty normal! No fever, headache, cold sweats, or chills. I had (and still have) a very slight scratchiness in my throat, but that's about it. I'm back to work (from home of course). I never lost my tastebuds (THANK GOD CAUSE THAT WAS THE THING I WAS MOST CONCERNED ABOUT), and I didn't have any real respiratory issues. Paul was about the same. So we lucked out, thanks to being vaccinated and boosted! 


Vegkat said...

Sorry to hear you were sick but glad you are fully recovered. Seems like vegan diet helped with recovery.

KathyD said...

It's great that you are both feeling better. I did not lose my sense of taste or smell either when I had COVID. What a blessing!

Jenny said...

Yeah, everyone around here has been getting Covid too, but mostly not too serious. Glad you're feeling better! I had the original omicron in December and it was the WORST SORE THROAT EVER. I definitely didn't feel like eating (although I also did lose my sense of smell or taste- I agree that would be the worst!). Hope Paul feels better as well.