Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Chili Cheese Fries, Brats, & Other Tasty Treats

Last Saturday, while I was out on a very hot 13-mile training run, I got a craving for Chili Cheese Fries. It often happens that I crave something decadent during my long runs, and knowing I can have it afterward serves a motivator for me to keep running. So after my protein smoothie and shower, I went to Imagine Vegan Cafe to satisfy that craving. 

Those fries were so good, and the whole box weighed a few pounds, but I ate every bite (and didn't even feel overly stuffed). I guess I needed the calories.

I got an order of Garlic Kale on the side because I know what's good for me.

On Sunday, Paul and I went kayaking in the Mississippi River harbor, and we worked up an appetite. He got a post-kayaking pizza at Wiseacre Brewing Co., but I waited to eat at home (even though they have a vegan pizza) because I had Beyond Brats and corn on the cob waiting. I topped my brat with some sauteed peppers and mushrooms.

Speaking of the abovementioned long run, here's what I ate Friday night to prepare — Spaghetti with Beyond Meat Sauce and Mushrooms. Yum!

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Jenny said...

Okay, well- YUM! Your chili cheese fries actually look semi-healthy with all those beans (and besides, the kale cancels out everything else, right?) And, wow- Beyond really makes everything now. My husband and son will probably love that spaghetti sauce!