Thursday, May 26, 2022

Empanadas, Ramen, & Pasta Salad

One day last week — before I got stuck at home with COVID — I met a friend at Global Café at Crosstown Concourse, and we made a meal from the appetizer menu. It was later than I typically eat since I go to bed so early, so I wanted to keep my meal pretty light. I ordered the Vegetable Sambusa, which is supposed to come with two rolls stuffed with potato, bell pepper, carrot, and onion. But it was almost closing time, and they only had one left.

So they subbed out an order of the Vegan Black Bean Empanadas in place of my second sambusa. The empanadas come three to an order, so I got extra food. Yay! I ate one of these that night and saved the rest for a tasty dinner the next day.

I recently came into a bunch of Ocean's Halo coupons, so I got some of their ramen noodles and ramen broth on a BOGO sale. I made some air-fried turmeric tofu and then I used the broth and noodles (along with some frozen veggies) to make a very tasty bowl of ramen. I love the broth! It's a vegan milk broth, which is creamy and delicious.

And finally, here's a tasty Quinoa Tofu Pasta meal from The Plant-Based Athlete. This has quinoa pasta, crumbled tofu, spinach, and sprouts with an olive oil-red wine vinegar sauce. I sprinkled it with some Kelly's Cheezy Parm (a new obsession)! 

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