Monday, May 16, 2022

Pretty Raw Food & Ugly (But Tasty) Daily Harvest

Most Mondays, I stop by the Raw Girls' downtown Memphis location to grab lunch, which ensures that my Mondays kick off with a healthy start. Last week, I got the Raw Taco Salad with walnut meat, avocado, salsa, and greens. So good and fresh! I love that walnut meat.

And a couple weeks back, I got the Raw Zucchini Pasta with a side of Raw Turmeric-Flax Crackers. The zucchini pasta is just very thinly shaved zucchini with a tasty homemade sauce, so I felt like I needed something to go with it to make it more filling. So I grabbed the raw crackers as a side. I love those crackers!

And now for the ugly stuff. My awesome neighbor Nancy dropped by one day a few weeks back to gift me a couple of Daily Harvest bowls from their subscription. I've heard about Daily Harvest, which ships ready-to-eat, frozen plant-based meals to your door, but I'd never tried them. When I looked at the ingredients of this one, I couldn't imagine how it was all combined and presented. Then I opened it, heated it, and this is what I got. It was sooo tasty and surprisingly filling despite the small size. But it's definitely not pretty. 

Next up, I tried this one. I wasn't sure how it would taste with this ingredient combo.

But it was also really good! The ginger wasn't too strong, and it was also very filling. I probably won't ever subscribe to Daily Harvest because I love cooking my own meals. But these seem like a really healthy and tasty option for someone who either doesn't enjoy cooking or just doesn't have the time. 

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