Thursday, May 12, 2022

Pizza, Tacos, & Fried Rice

A few weeks ago, I was passing through my hometown — Jonesboro, Arkansas — and I stopped into their health food store, The Truck Patch, for a few groceries. I found this awesome frozen Barbecue Chick'n Pizza from Blackbird. This was seriously the best frozen pizza ever. The crust was just perfect, and the cheese was Violife (which I love).

Cinco de Mayo was last week, so I whipped up these delicious Seitan & Mushroom Tacos using some homemade seitan from my freezer with packaged taco seasoning and sauteed mushrooms. 

When I visit my parents, like I did last weekend, my mom always sends me home with the leftover vegan items that she uses for dinner and breakfast, so I had about one-third of a bottle of Just Egg leftover. I used that and some tofu, brown rice, and frozen veggies to make this Tofu Egg Fried Rice for lunches this week.

And finally, here's a tasty bowl made with brown rice, sauteed kale, white beans (cooked from scratch), homemade cashew ranch, and some pickled carrots. 

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Susan said...

Everything looks so great.