Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Focaccia, Cookies, & Pickle Beer!

Last Saturday, LuLu's vegan bakery at the Cooper-Young Farmer's Market was selling three kinds of vegan focaccia! I can't remember all three, but I had a tough choice between the chanterelle focaccia or the smoked squash focaccia. The chanterelles were freshly foraged, so I couldn't resist. This was a perfect treat after my 18-mile trail run in the super-hot summer heat!

LuLu's was also selling their amazing Chocolate Chunk Cookies, made with ethically sourced chocolate. I always love these fat cookies! They're so big!

Later that day, after my run, I cooled off by sitting in our wading pool and sipping this Spicy Pickle Monster Sour beer. I love sour beers in the summer, and this may be my favorite sour of all time. PICKLE EVERYTHING!

Here's a random healthy meal from last week! I had made some cashew mac & cheese with broccoli and had some leftover, so I enjoyed it for lunch one day with a side of chickpeas sauteed with garlic and spinach.


Sri said...

Wow running 18 miles in the summer heat sounds challenging! Glad you have some treats to help you restore and replenish.

janna said...

I must admit that I am jealous of your determination and will to run like you do! I'm a huge klutz but you do inspire me! The little harpeth river runs through my backyard anyway; I should take advantage of the little run challenge it presents

Jenny said...

I may have to draw the line at pickle beer (although if it were offered to me, I might take one curious little sip.) I feel like I should know the answer to this already, but are you training for a race? Congrats on getting that 18 miler done in the heat!

Susan said...

I love pickle anything and I love silly drinks and that would be right up my alley if I drank beer!

Hillary said...

The pickle beer sounds incredible!!!!