Monday, March 8, 2021

Vegan Reubens, Blueberry Scones, & Lady Gaga Oreos!

Last Wednesday, I'd planned to try out a new vegan food truck, but they posted that morning that they would be closed due to an unexpected issue. But I was still craving vegan junk food! So I went to Imagine Vegan Cafe and ordered the Reuben and Garlic Kale to go. This has plant-based salami with their housemade reuben sauce and kraut. The kale was just to make me feel better about myself.

On Friday morning, I made the Blueberry Scones from the No Meat Athlete Cookbook. These are made with whole wheat flour and oats, and they're pretty healthy for scones. I had some for breakfast Friday morning and some before my Saturday run and Sunday trail race.

This morning, I had some Oatly Strawberry Yogurt with fresh berries, locally made granola, and some keto granola that my dad made (it's just nuts and coconut with no oats). 

And finally, check out these Lady Gaga Oreos! My friend Susan left them on my porch as a fun little surprise. They're just vanilla Oreos, but they're way prettier! I'm so glad Oreos are vegan.


Susan said...

We don't get all the fun Oreo flavours here that you guys get, and the flavoured ones we go have here are always not vegan. At least the original flavour is vegan here!
But I do yearn for the silly flavours you get. Or the silly colours.
The Lady Gaga ones look so fun! But random... does Lady Gaga have an Oreo affiliation?

Hillary said...

I recently tried the tofurky ham deli slices, and I was thinking they'd be great in a vegan Reuben. I really need to make that happen!
The Lady Gaga Oreos are so pretty!!