Friday, March 26, 2021

Spring Break with Sheridan & Drew!

My BFF Sheridan and I go back 28 years! We became friends in 8th grade, bonding over our love for teen star Jonathan Brandis. And we've been friends ever since! She lives in Little Rock now, and in normal times, we see each other several times a year since it's only a 2.5 hour drive from Memphis. I did see Sheridan and her partner Drew a couple times during 2020 but only for brief, masked visits. 

But Sheridan and Drew are fully vaccinated now, and I'm half-vaccinated. They're teachers on spring break, and they finally felt comfortable spending the night in Memphis and hanging out at outdoor bars. So they came down on Wednesday after I got off work (from home). Then we headed to Loflin Yard for dinner and beers! Loflin is a large outdoor bar with firepits, lawn chairs, picnic tables, and yard games. 

And they just added some vegan options! You can now add Beyond Sausage or Beyond Beef to sandwiches, nachos, and tacos. We all ordered the Beyond Sausage Po'Boy, and I got Zapp's Voodoo Chips with mine (the best chips!). I also had a Hampline Dunk Tank dunkel ale.

The next day, we went to Crosstown Concourse (where I work when I'm actually in an office, which isn't often) for breakfast. We got Avocado Toast and coffee from French Truck. They have the BEST avo toast. The bread is fresh-baked focaccia, and the pickled tomato topping really takes it up a notch. I requested the day off work to hang with Sheridan and Drew, so it was weird being at work during work time without working.

A couple hours later, it was time for lunch! I love a day that's planned around meals. We went to Slider Inn since they have vegan options and a nice outdoor space. It was a little rainy, but their patio is covered.

I typically order the tofu/cauli wings at Slider, but I had a planned 4-mile run that afternoon, so I needed something a little less fried. I opted for the Vegan Triple B Sliders (homemade veggie burgers with beets, brown rice, and black beans) with a side of fries (gotta have something fried!) and a Crosstown Brewing Animal Frequency Hazy IPA (not pictured). 

This burger used to just be okay, but they've really stepped it up since I've last ordered this! The veggie patty is more flavorful now, and they've added caramelized onions and mushrooms. Will definitely order this again, but the wings will always be my fave.


Sheridan said...

Yay!! So much fun! We had a great time!!

Hillary said...

I've been seeing those chips pop up at the grocery, I need to try them!
Looks like some good old 2019 fun!!!

Jenny said...

Hooray!!! So nice to see people out and about again! I will also be half-vaccinated later on today- there's light at the end of the tunnel! All the food- and beer- looks delicious.