Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Stuff I Ate

Happy Spring!! So excited that spring has finally sprung, and I'll do a full post on my Equinox eats tomorrow. But tonight, I only have time for a quick Stuff I Ate post.

So here goes! We'll start with this Vegan Hot Dog! Smart Dog with homemade kraut and Dijon. I love the fancy Field Roast dogs and Tofurky brats, but sometimes you need to kick it old school with a Smart Dog.

I've been eating a lot of hot dogs lately, mostly cause these come eight to a pack (and Paul only ate a couple). Besides enjoying them on buns, I also tried mixing some in my leftover Boozy Baked Beans (see yesterday's post) for Beanie Weenies! Served with leftover Colcannon and Corn on the Cob with vegan butter and everything bagel salt. This was last night's dinner.

Last Friday night, I grabbed some takeout from Crazy Noodle. Got my very fave soup there — Mandu Guk. This is a Korean soup with vegetable dumplings, chewy Korean rice cakes, cabbage, and shiitakes. It's usually not vegan at Crazy Noodle, but they're happy to make it vegan if you ask. They also happen to have the best ramen in town.

Yesterday's post-run breakfast was a FitQuick Pizza Protein Waffle topped with pizza sauce and sauteed kale, bell peppers, and black olives. YUM.

Here's my new favorite snack (that I CANNOT stay out of) — Whole Foods brand PB&J Bites. They're crunchy and peanutty on the outside and filled with sweet, strawberry jam. God, these are good.


Sarah said...

Oooh what delicious meals! The PB&J snacks sound so interesting and the Korean Soup looks delicious! I've been wanting to make spicy Korean rice cakes for a while, I may just have to make it happen soon! And that waffle, yum!

Hillary said...

I love smart dogs! They're my fave vegan hot dog! Beanies and weenies sound amazing!!
Those PB&J snacks seem worth making a trip to Whole Foods!!

Susan said...

I need those PB&J bites in my life!!!