Thursday, March 1, 2018

More Stuff I Ate

More random meals for ya! We'll start with this breakfast flavor explosion — a Dave's Bagels Everything Bagel with Sprouts Everything Hummus and Trader Joes's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning. I recently discovered the Everything Hummus (my new fave!), and I immediately knew I had to put it on an everything bagel with the everything seasoning. MIND. BLOWN.

Speaking of Sprouts, I picked up some Rising Moon Organics Potato Gnochhi on BOGO sale last week. Enjoyed with some Victoria Vegan Artichoke Alfredo Sauce and Garlic Bread. Salad on the side because greens.

Here's a dark, ugly pic of a delicious, quick dinner — BBQ Tempeh, Mac & Peas, and Steamed Butternut Squash. For the mac, I just mixed some whole wheat elbow mac with some Daiya cheddar sauce and peas.

This was my snacky lunch enjoyed while cleaning the house on Saturday — Treeline Chipotle Cashew Cheese with Crackers, Everything Hummus with Rainbow Carrots & Bell Peppers, Pickled Okra, & Kalamata Olives.

Been eating out a lot this week! On Tuesday night, we had Vegan Drinks at Mosa Asian Bistro. I got the Thai Curry with Tofu & Brown Rice. Very good! I just love their fried tofu!

Pam, Megan, and I have been going to weekly Kundalini & Crystals yoga classes at Delta Groove Yoga. We LOVE this class! Each week, we work on a different chakra and meditate with coordinating stones. After yoga last night, we grabbed dinner at Golden India next door. I got the Chana Masala. Sorry for the dark, blurry pic!

I've been working hard to listen to my intuition and stop eating when I'm full — something I often struggle with when I eat out. I tend to want to clean my plate if there isn't enough for a full meal of leftovers, but I'm learning that small leftover portions make great snacks the next day or they can be worked into other meals. This morning, I took the small bit of chana masala and basmati rice that was leftover and used it to top a Pudla Protein Pancake (made with FitQuick Pizza Protein Waffle mix with a little added curry powder, black salt, and garlic powder). Since FitQuick is mostly chickpea flour, it tasted very much like traditional pudla but with 30 grams of protein for my post-run recovery!


Unknown said...

That breakfast of Everything looks crazy amazing! I love that you even came up with that combo.
I love making tempeh for a quick meal - my go to is cubed and sauteed with soyaki- it’s so delicious and very satisfying.
I totally know what you mean about eating out, some portions are just too big for one meal and sometimes i feel silly asking for the leftovers to be boxed up yet i never regret it- how perfect on your waffle!
And because of your post the other day i checked and found out today was national peanut butter day!! I celebrated by making peanut butter tofu triangles for dinner :)

Sarah said...

Oooh this all looks amazing! The everything bagelception meal sounds so good and has to have tons of flavor. I found a different brand of everything hummus and it is so good. Snacky lunches are my favorite and I was planning on trying a pudla for a PinterTest so now I'm extra excited! Yours looks so good!

Hillary said...

I love snacky meals. They're the best an I always feel so satisfied because I got a little of everything!
I love the idea of adding your leftovers to your pudla!!

Karli. said...

I just found your blog and the vegan food looks fantastic! I can almost smell that Chana Masala.