Monday, March 26, 2018

My Vegan Easter Gifts!

I'm 37. But my parents still get me an "Easter basket." There are some serious benefits to being an only child with no (human) kids. I get to be a kid forever!

Anyway, these days, my Easter baskets don't come in actual baskets. No stuffed bunnies or plastic toys. Just awesome vegan treats. This year, my parents — who are still happily married — got me separate gifts just because they each had a different idea of what to get.

My mom's gift arrived first! She ordered a unicorn bath product care package from Luxury Wellness. These handmade bath bombs, soaps, and bath salts are all totally vegan, and they're made by a woman she was introduced to on Facebook. She placed her order there and just said "my daughter likes unicorns, and she's vegan," and this is what they picked out for me!

Her stuff is amazing! The unicorn bath bombs are filled with mini rainbow-colored bombs, so they turn bath water into a rainbow (seriously!). Even the bath salt has mini multi-colored bombs. The big unicorn bath bomb is SO BIG. Saving her for a special occasion. Everything smells amazing, and one of the unicorns was Fruit Loop-scented (omg!).

Here's a close-up of the horns. These turned the water purple and blue!

The soaps smell amazing and are covered in glitter, which looks awesome and also doubles as scrub for my dry skin.

I got my dad's gift yesterday — a vegan jerky care package from He let me pick out everything, and I was so excited to open the box yesterday and see all this jerky goodness (plus some vegan maple bacon caramel corn and an Elianni veggie roll that looks like summer sausage). If you haven't poked around on yet, do it! They have every kind of vegan jerky imaginable — coconut jerky, mushroom jerky, soy curl jerky, seitan jerky, and more.

My mom threw some stuff into that care package too — Earth Balance White Cheddar Popcorn and these Sriracha Lentil Chips that are to die for (my dad has already gone through a few bags of his own). Plus some Larabars because she knows I eat these almost daily.

My parents are the best! Thanks mom and dad! I can't wait to eat all that jerky and popcorn in a rainbow bathtub (cause no shame, y'all. NO SHAME).


Sarah said...

Aww that is so incredibly sweet and thoughtful of them! Both gifts are so perfect :) I had to smile at the unicorn stuff, how can you not?! Those are going to be some awesome baths. You'll definitely have to let us know about the jerky as you try them! Yay!

Hillary said...

What amazing gifts! I love the unicorn basket so much! Baths are one of life's great pleasures!! I also agree with Sarah, you have to let us know about the jerky!

Josie Brown said...

How awesome, I'm so glad you enjoyed your bath gift set. Your mom was very sweet and wanted to make sure you got everything unicorn. I love being able to offer a all Vegan line so my products can be enjoyed by everyone. Also your bracelet that came with the twilight unicorn head glows in the dark lol as a 80's baby I love that lol.

Susan said...

It all looks amazing, and so sweet of them!
The unicorn bath bombs are the cutest ever!

Jennifer said...

TWO VEGAN CARE PACKAGES! Super jealous! And all that unicorn stuff looks amazing.