Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gourmet Popcorn!

A couple weeks back, I blogged about UncommonGoods, an online gift shop with a mission of selling "handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people." That last bit is from their website.

It's a good veg-friendly company (they do sell some cheese items, but most things are vegan), and they pay even their lowest paid seasonal workers 50 percent above the minimum wage. About half of what they sell is handmade, including the item I'm featuring tonight. UncommonGoods sent me this box of joy to review on my blog.

I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm a popcorn fiend. It's seriously like a drug to me. Once I start eating popcorn, there is no stopping until every kernel is devoured and I've licked the salt or seasonings from the bowl. Yes, I have no shame. I'm a popcorn junkie.

This gift box from Dell Cove Spice Company contains four tins of gourmet kernels —Black Pearl, Baby White, Midnight Blue, and Red Diamond Valley. And there are also four tins of savory seasoning — Butt Kickin' BBQ, Sweet Onion, Spicy Cajun, and Sweet Ginger.

As much as I adore popcorn, I love it most when the timing is just right: It's a Friday or Saturday night. I've eaten a light dinner and have room left for popcorn. And I'm in the rare mood to stay home and watch a movie rather than go out with friends. The stars have to align for all of that to happen, and when it does, popcorn makes it all the more special. That happened this past Friday night.

I have one of those fancy movie-style popcorn makers, a hand-me-down from my parents. They bought a bigger popcorn maker because they also have a popcorn addiction, and I got their old one. I heated some vegan butter-flavored olive oil (from the fancy olive oil shop) in the machine and added the tin of red kernels.

These were so light and airy. Like little crunchy pillows of heaven. I quickly sampled all of the seasonings and finally settled on Spicy Cajun, a blend of smoked paprika, organic garlic salt, sea salt, organic onion, cayenne, and black pepper. Just the right hint of spice and salt. Perfection. I ate the whole bowl myself while Paul and I watched A Million Ways To Die in the West and Chef. I don't share popcorn.

Dell Cove's hand-crafted popcorn seasonings and gourmet kernels would make an awesome holiday gift for a popcorn lover like me! The popcorn is GMO-free and grown in the Midwest. And the spices are organic. Score! They also sell a sweet popcorn kit with seasonings in flavors like pumpkin pie, dark chocolate, key lime pie, and cinnamon.

By the way, UncommonGoods has tons of great gifts, so check it out for your holiday gift shopping. To make it easier on you, they have a gifts for women and gifts for men page, but if you're like me, you're friends are all pretty androgynous in their tastes.


Adriana Robles said...

I'm so picky when it comes to popcorn, but I definitely feel that these would be an exception.

Sarah said...

How fun!! This is a great idea for a gift! The savory seasonings sound yummy but I'm so interested in those sweet seasonings. They sound so good!