Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Reclaim & Revolt, Day 9

Publishing a day late again! Because apparently, I've forgotten how to work the internetz.....

It's day 9, and I'm feeling fine! Like seriously. I feel great on this 28-day Reclaim & Revolt program. I have tons of energy and motivation. My digestion is all good. And I feel supported by a community of awesome people who are also participating in this mind/body health program.

Today started with a 4-mile tempo run, per my marathon training plan. It's slightly warmer out — 40 degrees — so running outside was lovely. I had half a butternut squash & peanut butter energy bar first, and then after my run, I had this PB&J Protein Smoothie with almond milk, banana, raspberries, peanut butter, and vanilla protein powder.

After breakfast and before work, I did a short meditation session and had some Numi Vision herbal tea (from my January Goddess Provisions box!) in my new color-changing unicorn mug.

For my morning snack, I packed a tiny bowl of Lacy's Ruby-Hued Borscht, which made a ton! Paul has been helping me eat though this so I may not have enough left to freeze for later.

I had a busy day at work today, so I opted to grab lunch from Mama Gaia in Crosstown Concourse, rather than going home for lunch. I got the Memphia Bowl with quinoa, smoked bbq tofu, and slaw (made with vegan mayo), plus a Side Salad & Sparkling Water. I'm so lucky to work in a building in which every single restaurant offers something not only vegan but whole foods-based and healthy!

By the way, I've been working on not drinking liquid with meals to improve digestion, but the Mama Gaia meal was a combo. And since it came with a drink, I totally forgot! Drinking with meals is so second-nature. It's a hard habit to break. But when I do remember, I do feel like things digest a little better (and I get less gassy).

My afternoon snack was one of Mama Gaia's Raw Vegan Brownies. These are made with dates and nuts and cocoa, so they're totally healthy. But they're super decadent, and this felt like such a treat. I've not even craved sweets in the last nine days!

Dinner was Lacy's Macro Bowl from last year's Reset & Restore program. This is a simple bowl with brown rice, chickpeas, steamed kale, tahini, and kraut. I love easy and delicious meals like this. And this was quick to prepare, which was great since Paul and I had to make a quick trip (an hour away) to Jonesboro after dinner.

On the way back home from Jonesboro, I was craving fruit. We stopped at a gas station, and though they had fresh fruit, I opted for these Freeze-Dried Apples because I thought it would be a fun, crunchy road snack. And it was! And more Perrier because sparking water is the greatest. I waited until after eating to drink this time!

Today's R&R offering was meal prep and planning tips and a workout routine from Lacy, who owns the awesome Portland feminist gym, Liberation Barbell. Can't wait to give it a try!

By the way, I finally did my ascendant chart from yesterday's astrology lesson, and I'm all Air and Earth (and barely any Fire and Water), which is exactly as I predicted! I'm all about fairness, balance, practicality, goal-setting, and motivation. And I'm not about impulsivity and feelings, like at all. I often joke that I lack the ability to feel feelings, and the very word "spontaneous" gives me anxiety. This chart makes total sense.


Sarah said...

How cool, I need to figure out my time of birth so I can see the rest of my astrological chart! I seriously love that this is a part of the program. All of the meals and snacks look great but I'm definitely eying that brownie! Yum! My heart wants a smoothie so badly but the frigid cold just won't let me do it, ha!

Susan said...

Someone did my chart once and I am basically a big smooshy sensitive ball of water.

I have seen a few people with that unicorn mug. I want it! It is so cool.