Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Reclaim & Revolt, Day 24

Today was Tarot Day on Reclaim & Revolt, and Erin Aquarian sent us some info on using the Court Cards in each suit (King, Queen, Knight, and Page/Princess) to effect mastery in our lives. I haven't had time to read the lesson yet, but I've been loving her Wednesday Tarot lessons. I'm learning so much!

This morning started with another homemade No Bake Oat Bar (see yesterday's post for a pic!) followed by a 3-mile run. And then I had this standard Kale-Banana-Berry Protein Smoothie with flax seed and almond cashew milk. The berries were raspberry and blueberry, and I used Coconut Almond Vega One protein powder. Simple and filling.

My morning snack was Radishes, Baby Carrots, & Bell Pepper with Garlic Hummus. 

I had a lunch meeting with some folks from another office in my building, Crosstown Concourse. All of the businesses and nonprofits in Concourse try to work together and help each other out, so it was nice getting to know some new people. We met at Next Door, a farm-to-table-style restaurant in our building, and I had the Roasted Veggie Bowl (my fave thing there!). It has red quinoa, broccolini, cauliflower, asparagus, bell pepper, sunflower seeds, and tahini sauce. 

In the afternoon, I started craving chocolate so I had a square of Endangered Species chocolate (with almonds and cranberries). 

Dinner was a big ole Salad with Chickpeas and Tahini Dressing. Can y'all tell I love tahini??? This also has green olives, hemp hearts, dried cranberries, cucumber, bell pepper, radish, carrot, and romaine.

And then I met my friend Misti and my former Memphis Flyer co-workers at the annual 20 Under 30 Party honoring local, awesome young people (we're not young — we were just there for the drinks!). I had two cocktails — the Berry Fly (strawberry limeade with honeybell vodka — it's not made with honey but rather honeybell oranges) and the Whiskey Mintness (hot toddy whiskey with pear-infused sweet tea). Both excellent!


Annice said...

I've really enjoyed this Reclaim and Revolt series. Btw I just read you article, 7 Steps to Becoming a Healthier Vegan, at VegNews. Great article!

Sarah said...

I'm really loving this series as well! That roasted veggie bowl looks incredible and a Strawberry Limeade cocktail sounds so delicious and right up my alley!