Monday, January 29, 2018

Back on the Bagel Wagon

Soooooo, remember yesterday when I said Reclaim & Revolt was over? JK! Turns out, Kelsey, Erin, and Lacy still have lessons for us in these last three days of January. For some reason, I was thinking it was a 28-day program. But I'm happy it's actually 31. Tonight, Kelsey is sending us some great info on Wednesday's Blue Moon (the second full moon this month!).

But since I decided at the beginning of January that I was eating R&R recipes for 28 days, I'm sticking with that. Besides, I had bagel plans today, and nothing could stop them. Throughout R&R, I avoided cutting out any food or drink entirely because I didn't want to feel deprived. But I naturally limited gluten since Lacy's recipes are gluten-free. I also find that when I'm eating gluten-free, I tend to eat more wholesome foods, like quinoa and rice.

I've been missing bagels though — specifically Dave's Bagels (our local bagel purveyor!). I grabbed some Whole Wheat Bagels at the farmer's market and froze them just for today. So this morning, I slept in (Monday is rest day from workouts) and had this lovely Bagel Breakfast Sandwich before work. It has tofu egg (made with tofu fried in some Vegg yolk mix), wilted spinach, and Lulu's Baked Unsalted Vegan Butter. Perfection.

I still want to eat nourishing foods though! And I felt this breakfast was missing an important component — fruit! So I grabbed a bowl of pre-cut fruit from Curb Market when I got to work at Crosstown Concourse.

For lunch, I went home and had another bowl that was somewhat Lacy-inspired. This had sauteed tofu, blackeyed peas, steamed kale, quinoa, kraut, Straight from the Root sweet potatoes (more on those in a future review post), pumpkin seeds, and peanut sauce (leftover from last week's Macro Bowl).

I can't say that I've really missed sugar that much since I've allowed myself to have some every now and then throughout January. But I was still excited to eat some Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel Dairy-Free Ice Cream when I got home from work. Pre-dinner dessert is always my fave.

For dinner, I wanted to really treat myself. But I have a planned outing tomorrow that involves vegan burgers, fries, and beer. So I figured the real party could wait, and tonight, I went for something a little more wholesome, than say, pizza and Oreos (but still a treat!). Paul and I had dinner at City Silo, and I got the Foxy BBQ Sandwich with added buffalo tempeh. The BBQ in this sandwich is made with spaghetti squash, and it's super-yummy. Plus, it comes with salad.

After dinner, I made some digestive bitters using a formula Hannae shared with us last week. Mine have hops, mugwort, lemon, and black pepper in a base of vodka and agave. They have to infuse for several weeks, but I'm excited to try them when they're ready. I also drank a nettles infusion with lemon after dinner, another Hannae recipe from two weeks ago. 

Glad I have a couple more days of content, even if I'm not eating quite as well this week. This week, I'll be back with regularly scheduled posts (and some reviews that have been put on the back burner over these past 28 days).


Susan said...

Oooh, what a nice surprise! Three extra days! Though I am glad you stuck to your bagel plans, it looks amazing!

Unknown said...

That bagel sandwich is exactly what a breakfast sandwich should be!
Are you going to do a review of the halo top? It’s surprisingly expensive for one little pint and i have read such mixed reviews that seem to depend on what flavor it is. Although ice cream won’t be appealing for a while yet :/
Never would have thought to put spaghetti squash on a sandwich, but then again why not?? Looks delicious!

vegan peace said...

I want that bagel breakfast sandwich right now!! It must have tasted especially good!
I agree with Unknown, I've never thought to put spaghetti squash on a sandwich, but why not it sounds great!

Jennifer said...

A homemade digestif! How fancy! I'm excited to hear how it urned out