Monday, January 15, 2018

Reclaim & Revolt, Day 15

I was off work today for the MLK holiday, and it was a rest day for marathon training. So I slept in (9 hours!!) and then had another bowl of the Crockpot Apple Pie Porridge, this time with coconut flakes and raisins. Such a yummy bowl of steel cut oats.

I had breakfast fairly late, so I skipped morning snack and had lunch around noon. More Kale Quiche and Salad with Cashew Ranch.

Yay for leftovers! I went grocery shopping in the afternoon, and all the grocery stores were CRAZY! Today was the first day the ice was all melted from the streets, and many people were off for the holiday. Plus, it's supposed to snow again tonight. So people were stocking up! Parking was nearly impossible, and the checkout lines were super-long. But I made it out alive.

I was pretty hungry when I got home from shopping, so I snacked on some blueberries, roasted peanuts, and mixed nuts in the shell. You can see here that the cats were also very hungry when I got home. They were prowling around me as I prepared to feed them!

Dinner was super fun! I made Lacy's Hearty Veggie Chili from last year's Reset & Restore and served in my Bordallo Pinhiero soup tureen. My granny gave me this for Christmas. It was hers, and she's had it for years. I've always adored it, and I told her I had dibs on it when she died (morbid, I know, but my family does this!). So she went ahead and gave it to me anyway!

And then my awesome dad got on eBay and found me some matching bowls and a condiment platter. I used the condiment platter for cashew cheese, red onion, and minced jalapeno.

Here's my bowl, all fixed up and ready to eat!

Paul and I sat down for dinner together, which we rarely do. So I had a nice glass of sauvignon blanc because that just seems like what you do when you actually sit down for a meal.


Susan said...

I love the tureen and friends! So cute.

Sarah said...

That chili was definitely perfect for the cold snowy weather you've been having! I love the tureen so much, it's so cute! How awesome that your dad found the matching bowls and platter! That's really nice that you and Paul got to enjoy the meal together.

vegan peace said...

I love the tureen and matching bowls!!
My cats prowl around me at mealtime too!!

Unknown said...

I can totally relate on the shopping stress...!! That serving dish is SO cute, my mom actually has those same lettuce leaf bowls! Obviously i need to find her the serving dish. Looks like a great winter dinner meal. And that’s too bad you don’t get to sit for dinner with paul very often, i feel like eating with your significant other can be meaningful in a lot of ways. Good call on the wine.