Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reclaim & Revolt, Day 11

Today on the Reclaim & Revolt program, we learned about fermentation! Hannah Syd sent us some yummy recipes for homemade kraut and fire cider. I hope to find some time this weekend to get in the kitchen and get fermenting!

This morning started with a 3-mile run. It was 60 degrees outside! Drizzly (we haven't seen the sun in DAYS), but still super-warm for January. I had a medjool date dipped in peanut butter and then headed out for a nice run. I soaked that warmth up because tonight, the temps are dropping to freezing, and they're predicting ice (and maybe even snow!). I'll believe it when I see it though. It so rarely snows here, and we might see ice once a year.

After my run, I had another bowl of Warm Oats & Protein Nice Cream. The oats are sweetened with maple, and the banana soft serve has vanilla protein powder. I drizzled a little tahini on top this time. Sorry again for the dimly lit photo, but the sun is just gone. Gone, gone, gone.

My morning snack at work was a cold bowl of Brown Rice, Avocado, & Kraut. This was all leftovers that I combined together and seasoned with Bragg's. I had this before heading to the YMCA in my office building for some lunchtime yoga!

After yoga, I went back to my desk and heated up my leftover Chickpea Scramble with green beans & roasted red peppers from Monday. I topped with some cashew queso and salsa, and ate this with corn tortillas.

In the afternoon at work, I had a square of dark chocolate from my desk stash, and when I got home, I snacked on an apple while I did a few chores around the house.

Dinner was more leftover Spaghetti Squash with Chunky Red Sauce & Tempeh Sausage from last night. Here's the exact same pic from yesterday!

Sorry today was all leftovers! But hey, it sure made my life easier. Going into the weekend, I'm excited to finally have time to catch up on the Reclaim & Revolt lessons and activities I've not had time for during the week. Weekends on R&R are designated as catch-up times, so I'll finally be able to do Lacy's workout, read Erin's Tarot lesson, and get fermenting with Hannah!


Sarah said...

I have some more friends in Memphis and they are dealing with the wintry mix as well! One is a teacher and the schools were closed last night. She's very excited about her snow day but definitely please stay warm and safe! The icy roads are such a nightmare and definitely scary to navigate. Really delicious meals as always! I really really need to try the oatmeal and nice cream combo. I bet it's incredible!

Unknown said...

Some of my favorite meals are leftovers! I love having a tasty meal that ready when i am.
I started making my own kombucha last year (which does take a while to get a hang of but i finally have it down), and i made fire cider last fall which was amazing but also really intense! (Spoiler it's even better mixed into a cocktail ;))
I made white kimchi on new years day and it was SO easy and crazy delicious, fermentation was only three days! Easily as good as the fancy vegan one i was paying $$ for a whole foods. I used the white kimchi recipe from and just omitted the jujubes and chestnut and swapped regular chives for asian chives. I'm actually baffled by how delicious it is!