Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Reclaim & Revolt, Day 3

It's a lovely day on Reclaim & Revolt! I woke up at 5 am, had a morning mediation and a blueberry Larabar, and then I headed off to the gym after a week-long break. It felt great to squat and lift again!

And then I started the day with a smile!

These are Lacy's Ginger Carrot Maple Muffins and a Banana. These are gluten-free muffins with maple syrup, carrots, fresh ginger, walnuts, and I added some candied ginger (on Lacy's add-in recommendation). I made a half-batch to enjoy throughout the week for breakfast on my non-running days, and they're really good. They're small-ish, so I had two, but they pack lots of flavor from the maple and ginger. And the gluten-free flour mix of oat and almond flours made for a very muffin-y texture.

By the way, these muffins do have a little sugar, but that's a-okay! I'm not restricting anything on this January plan. Just limiting stuff like sugar and booze. Moderation is healthy.

I skipped morning snack because I had to leave work for lunch extra early today to meet a dryer vent cleaning guy at my house. Around 11:30 am, while the dude was cleaning my vents, I had the leftover Chickpea, Potato & Spinach Soup from yesterday. Didn't take a pic since I ate it from the same bowl as yesterday, and it looked exactly the same as in yesterday's post.

In the afternoon, I had small taste of my co-worker Madelyn's homemade shrub syrup. It's like a vinegar-sugar based soda syrup that you mix with sparkling water. Very good! I would have had an entire glass, but you know, moderation with the sugar and all. It feels good to be able to just taste something and have that be enough so I don't get the weird sugar feelings afterward.

I also had an afternoon desk snack of Hoppin' John & Brown Rice, leftover from Monday night. One thing I learned in Lacy's Reset & Restore plan last year is that small portions of leftovers make nice snacks. No idea why that never occurred to me before! Duh!

After work, I had yet another snack — Apples & Almond Butter — before heading off to my 6:15 pm yoga class. Also felt great to be back at yoga! This heartier snack kept me satisfied through class.

And then it was time for dinner! I made Lacy's Braised Tempeh & Green Beans with Peanut Sauce. This is a simple dish of tempeh and beans sauteed with a PB-vinegar marinade, then topped with scallions and sesame seeds. I served mine over quinoa so it would stick to my bones.

Today's Reclaim & Revolt topic was on self-care. There was an 8-minute meditation with Erin Aquarian and some lessons on self-care. Loving this program!


vegan peace said...

Your tempeh bowl looks delicious. I've been trying to eat more tempeh. Although I still prefer tofu. Work in progress!
I love your enthusiasm, I can really feel it. It's inspiring!

Susan said...

I am all down with leftovers in regular lunch or dinner sized amount, but I don't know why I never thought about just using small amounts of leftovers as snacks either. I always think I need to add something or do something with them to make it back into a meal, but there is a perfect snack just waiting for me! Especially in the afternoon when I want a little savoury something. DUH!