Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Reclaim & Revolt, Day 16

It snowed again last night! Y'all! This is some crazy weather for Memphis. I had a planned 4-mile Yasso 800 speedwork run today, and I wasn't about to let a little snow get in my way. I ate half a beet & cocoa Phyter energy bar, and then got dressed in so many layers! The wind chill was 2 degrees, which is definitely the coldest weather I've ever run in.

I put on a regular tech shirt and then layered a fleece-lined tech shirt over it. Then I layered a cotton jacket and windbreaker over that. On the bottom, I wore thin racing tights under a pair of fleece-lined tights and two pairs of socks. Plus, a neck buff, ear warmer, beanie, and running gloves that fold into mittens. I was still pretty cold headed out, but I warmed up after about a half-mile and actually got hot at one point. It was still snowing while I was out there, and it was just beautiful. I was the only crazy person out running in my neighborhood and in the park, so I was able to make the first set of footprints through the snow! I didn't stick with speedwork though. Running in snow is hard (like running in sand), so I just enjoyed a casual run at an easy pace.

After my run, I had Lacy's Pumpkin Pie Smoothie with pureed pumpkin, vanilla protein powder, banana, almond milk, and cashews. The cashews made for a super creamy smoothie!

My office did open today, but they delayed opening until 11 am, so I had my morning snack — Celery Sticks with Hummus — at home while tidying up my house.

I walked to work around 10:50 am. Thankfully, my office is just a quick couple blocks away because I don't like driving in snow or icy conditions! Look how beautiful Crosstown Concourse — where I work — looks in the snow.

I brought my lunch with me — Zoodles with Slow Cooker Chunky Red Sauce & Tempeh Sausage (leftover from my spaghetti squash last week). I heated this dish up in the office microwave because raw, cold food doesn't make sense when there's snow on the ground.

In the afternoon, I snacked on an Apple & Trail Mix but forgot to take a pic. You know what that stuff looks like. Dinner was leftover Hearty Veggie Chili from last night, but this time, I served it over a baked sweet potato! Topped with cashew cream, red onion, and jalapeno.

Our R&R lesson on Monday was actually intended for today — writing our 2018 intentions since tonight is the New Moon in Capricorn. Since the New Year started on a Full Moon, it wasn't the best time for setting goals. So we're encouraged to try again for the New Moon, which is a much better time for making plans. 

Today's R&R lesson was another workout from Lacy, one designed to get our blood flowing while cultivating New Moon intentions. I had a little free time tonight, so I did it before bed (around the time of the New Moon, 8:17 pm). And I convinced Paul to do it too! I'll probably keep this quick 20-minute workout on hand for use throughout the week.


Sarah said...

The snow looks so pretty! That's really impressive that you were able to get out for a run when it was that cold! That is dedication :) And to follow it up with a smoothie as well! I can't even think about smoothies right now, ha! Everything looks amazing! I love the idea of focusing on your intentions. I've been doing a bit of that as well.

vegan peace said...

I am seriously impressed with your dedication to running! Your building does look beautiful in the snow!
I've been really trying to focus on my intentions too!

Jennifer said...

I've never run in the snow before! The old place I lived (where i had the opportunities to run in snow) had really old and uneven sidewalks so it was too easy to slip and hurt myself. Plus, many people didn't shovel so there would often be ice under the fresh snow. Awful. But it does look really pretty! And you get to walk instead of drive. Yey!