Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Reclaim & Revolt, Day 17

It was Tarot Day on Reclaim & Revolt, and we got a 40-page Tarot document from Erin Aquarian!!! Of course, I haven't had time to read it. That will be saved for the weekend for sure. But I'm excited to delve in.

As for how I cared for myself on this physical/spiritual/mental reset today, here ya go! I started with another cold morning run. Still lots of snow on the ground, but much of it was packed in so running was a little easier. And some of the sidewalks were clear. Still very, very cold — 11 degrees! After my run, I had a quick post-run Coconut Almond Protein Shake with Vega Protein & Greens mixed with almond milk. Check out my cool new drinking jar from Goddess Provisions!

Then I had the last of my Crockpot Apple Pie Porridge. Lacy mentioned in her pre- and post-workout nutrition R&R lesson yesterday that it's best not to have too much fat with your post-workout protein, so I topped my oats with blueberries instead of nuts.

I also had a shot of my Fire Cider, which I made last night using Hannah's recipe from an R&R fermentation lesson last week. This immunity tonic is made with ACV, parsley, jalapeno, ginger, turmeric, horseradish, garlic, red onion, and lemon. It's actually quite tasty and spicy. I watered my shot down with some water.

I saved the fat that I missed in the morning for a few hours later with this mid-morning snack of Roasted Salt & Pepper Peanuts from So Nuts — the roastery in Crosstown Concourse.

I walked home in the snow for lunch and had more leftover Vegan Kale Quiche with some Steamed Baby Carrots and Hummus. These carrots from Straight From the Root are prepared sous vide style, and they steam right in the bag. I'm doing a full review in February (stay tuned!).

My afternoon snack was a real treat! Ben & Jerry's sent me two new flavors to review, and they arrived at my office today. I limiting sugar during Reclaim & Revolt, but part of this program is about not restricting to the point of being ridiculous. And when you get an ice cream shipment at work, well, you need to eat ice cream. I'll save the details for full review post at end of the month, but let me tell y'all, it was soooo worth it.

Dinner was fun too! I braved the still kinda icy streets to meet friends at Imagine Vegan Cafe. I haven't eaten out much on R&R, so this was fun. I tried to keep it pretty healthy with one of Imagine's more wholesome dishes — the Southern Staple with black beans, collards, brown rice, and garlic aioli. It's served with cornbread, which is the first gluten I've had in awhile (except for beer!). Damn, this was good! Imagine's cornbread is fluffy and slightly sweet. Yum!

I practiced my intuitive eating skills with this and stopped when I was full, and then I took the rest home to have as a little snack tomorrow. Pretty proud of myself!


Sarah said...

What a great day of meals! The fire cider sounds a little scary to me, ha! How exciting to try the new Ben & Jerry's flavors! I saw what they were on IG the other day and I can't wait! The Southern Staple looks really delicious too. I love cornbread and I rarely eat it so that definitely brings the meal over the top for me!

Susan said...

The Fire Cider sounds really interesting! Right up my alley, except for the chili. I am not so much into fire. ;)
I am super excited to get to try the new B&J flavours! Looking forward to your review.

Unknown said...

I actually just made a new batch of fire cider! Seriously everyone everywhere in my office is sick- i’ve missed it so far but am doing everything possible to stay healthy. I just take it as a shot with a little water too, but i use a lot less chili or jalapeƱo.
New ben and jerry’s is so exciting!! It would be inhuman not to open that as soon as you got it...!