Thursday, October 6, 2022

Vegan Chicken Sammy, Vegan Fish, and a Loaded Scone

On Saturday, I finally made it back to Plant-Based Heat, a totally vegan restaurant here in Memphis that I really need to visit more often. I'm slowly working my way through their menu, and this time, I got the PBH ChickN Sandwich which comes with a crispy vegan patty topped with pickles, mayo, and tomato. So good!

On the side, I got the Mac & Cheese, and this was definitely the best vegan mac I've had! OMG, it was so good. Y'all, I licked the bowl.

I found the new Good Catch Plant-based Fish Fillets on BOGO sale at Sprouts, and it's pretty good! I never actually liked fish after one bad catfish experience as a little kid. But plant-based fish tastes more like the ocean and less like fish. I air-fried this patty and topped with a homemade creme fraiche and served with steamed broccoli and vinegar-based slaw.

And finally, here's a tasty Loaded Scone that I picked up at LuLu's at the Cooper-Young Farmers Market this past Saturday! It had jalapenos and lots of other stuff inside. Not sure what, but it was delicious. 

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