Thursday, October 13, 2022

Chana Saag, Autumn Kale Salad, & Cookies!

As you may know if you read this blog often, I'm a diehard No Meat Athlete fan. I love their podcast, cookbook, running plans, blog, Complement brand supplements, everything. And now NMA Radio hosts Matt and Doug have a new show, The Plant-Based Morning Show. It's different from the original podcast because 1) it's daily instead of weekly, and 2) it's live on Instagram and YouTube, so commenters can join in on the fun. If you can't catch the live show, they're uploaded to Apple Podcasts (and all the other podcast places) later. The shows air at 10 a.m. CST when I'm working, so I can only listen on Fridays when I'm off. But I've been catching up on the podcast stream. 

All this is to say I was recently inspired to make Coconut Chana Saag from Isa Does It because host Doug talked about how it's a staple in his house. It'd been a while since I'd pulled Isa Does It off the shelf, so I figured I should make it. And I'm glad I did! This tasty curry has coconut milk, tomato, chickpeas, and kale, and it was so perfect for a fall night.

Speaking of fall, I also recently made the Autumn Kale Salad from The Fiber Fueled Cookbook. This hearty meal has massaged kale with apples, roasted butternut squash, pom seeds, pumpkin seeds, and a tahini dressing. I also added some kidney beans for protein (not in the recipe).

One day last week, my friend Susan texted me "left something for you." Susan often does drive-by giftings, so I peeked outside and found two Chocolate Chip Sesame Cookies. She'd picked them up from The Ginger's Bread, a new bakery that has some vegan items. I haven't been there myself yet, but these cookies were awesome. And now I want to go!

And finally, here's a quick breakfast of Tofu Egg on Sourdough Toast with hummus and sprouts. I'm reading The Sprout Book by Doug Evans, and I'm really into sprouts right now. 

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Cadry's Kitchen said...

How thoughtful of Susan to drop off cookies for you! Friends like that are the best.