Thursday, August 4, 2022

Potluck Fun!

Paul and I are on day four of the Fiber Fueled 4 Weeks, and it's going great for me. Paul is still snacking on non-vegan junk, but he's working in the healthier meals so "progress, not perfection," right? Yesterday, we ate leftovers from the prior three days, so I wanted to back-track today and share some food pics from a recent birthday potluck at my friend Jenny's house.

First of all, I'm thrilled that potlucks are back! Now if we can just get buffets back (specifically, my favorite tofu buffet at Pho Binh, which has been gone since the pandemic started). For this party, I made Vegetable Ceviche from the Fiber Fueled Cookbook (not the same as the book we're using for our current meal plan; that's the original Fiber Fueled book, but same author).

This secret ingredient in the ceviche is hominy! I LOVE hominy and always forget about it. So it was fun to use both golden and white hominy in this tasty salad, which was awesome served with tortilla chips.

Here's my savory plate. My friend Caitlin brought flatbread with za'atar (SO GOOD), and someone else brought a tasty Indian-spiced eggplant dish. Plus, there was guac!

Amy brought the BEST vegan peach tart. I don't know what all was in this, but it was fantastic. That crust was everything!

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