Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Mushroom Risotto, Pancakes, and Bibimbap!

I'm on day 9 of the Fiber Fueled 4 weeks but rather than recap the day's eats, I'll just share a few images of things I've been eating (because day to day, there are a lot of leftovers). Last Friday night, I made Mushroom Risotto from the book. This was my first time making risotto in the traditional way (rather than a cheat version, which is what I usually do), and it took FOREVER. But it was super-tasty, and Paul liked this one. I had sauteed Swiss chard on the side.

Backing up to earlier in the day on Friday: I spent the day at Crosstown Arts training my replacement for the job I left back in February, so that meant I needed to grab a quick lunch inside Crosstown Concourse. Global Cafe has a new Korean menu, so I got their Tofu Bibimbap with no egg, and it was delicious!

On Sunday, we had Sourdough Pancakes from the Fiber Fueled Cookbook (not on the Fiber Fueled 4 weeks plan). I had some frozen pancakes that were left over from a few weeks ago, and though there is a recipe for pancakes in the 4 weeks, it was easier to reheat these. I made a chia blueberry compote for mine, and Paul covered his liberally in Earth Balance and syrup. Of course.

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