Thursday, November 11, 2021

Vegan Sushi, Tempeh Chili, & More!

When my friend Greg was in town last week, we had a vegan sushi night! Back in the day, we had vegan sushi and fondue parties (together! in one party!) all the time. So I thought it'd be fun for us to make some sushi for old times' sake. Of course, I'm old now and prefer brown rice over white rice for health reasons. So I made some brown rice sushi, while Greg stuck to the traditional white rice sushi. I did end up eating both though! Served with a Wiseacre Irusu Rice Lager, which paired perfectly with sushi.

We also made some Veggie Tempura with fried tofu (double-fried!!!), foraged oyster mushrooms (that I found in Overton Park), bell pepper, and green beans. For the batter, we just used a mix that I found at the Viet Hoa Vietnamese market.

After my long run last Saturday, I was craving tacos. So I made some Black Bean & Rice Tacos with some leftover black beans and the leftover brown sushi rice!

Here's a mid-week Green Bean & Tofu Stir-fry with air-fried tofu. I tossed the tofu in Trader Joe's mushroom salt and dried lemongrass before air frying for 15 minutes. The sauce was just Bragg's, garlic powder, and onion powder thickened with some cornstarch.

And finally, here's the most awesome bowl of chili! I made Robert Cheeke's 3-Bean Tempeh Chili from The Plant-Based Athlete and used the toppings he recommended: lettuce, tomato, avocado, and black olives. Served with a slice of sourdough bread from Lucy J's Bakery. I love meals like this when the weather gets cooler!


Sri said...

Wow it seems really brave to forage for mushrooms. However, how nice to be able to find nourishment in the local area.

Jennifer Bliss said...

That batter sounds interesting! LOVE that you foraged mushrooms! I get nervous that I would mis-identify some and they would be poisonous