Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Donuts, Tiny Burgers, & Cocktails!

My friend Lily's vegan donut business, Darling Donuts, has exploded! She's been doing once-a-month orders on her Instagram for special holiday boxes, and they're selling out so fast. For Halloween, the special boxes were sold out by Oct. 3! I tried to get one, but it was too late. So when Lily finally got caught up, she left a surprise box of random donuts on my doorstep. She is an amazing human! This box was actually my reward for getting to 900 points in my point tracking system (where I give myself a point for healthy actions like running, yoga, foam rolling, etc.). I started this in January, and I get a cool treat for every 100 points. 

These were amazing! I saved one apple fritter for the freezer, but the rest are long gone!

Here are some Gardein Beefless Sliders that I had for a quick dinner on Saturday night. My mom bought these while she was house-sitting a while back, and she left them in my freezer. Such a fun meal!

One day last week, I had a lunch meeting, so I grabbed a quick avocado toast from French Truck Coffee (no photo, sorry!). But I was still hungry afterward, so then I picked up a very non-photogenic cup of Chickpea-Lentil Soup from Juice Bar in Crosstown Concourse. It's nice to have so many dining options where I work!

And finally, speaking of where I work, our bar — Art Bar at Crosstown Arts — is open to the public again (after a long pandemic closure), and they're back to making beautiful cocktails. This one is called I'd Smoke That and it was very similar to a margarita (it has Dr. Stoner's tequila).

This one is called Stiff As a Board and has bourbon, reishi, and lotus bitters. Very lovely!


Sri said...

It’s funny, I don’t like donuts - but every time you share pics of donuts I want one?!?!? Those mixed drinks sound very interesting and tasty.

Jennifer Bliss said...

Those donuts look AWESOME! I don't have them often...mostly because there aren't any places that make vegan ones and I'm certainly NOT a baker! LOL :)

Cadry's Kitchen said...

Oh, wow. I haven't seen those mini Gardein burgers in forever! I thought they were discontinued. Maybe they're only available regionally? Anyway, everything looks great. Especially those donuts! Such a thoughtful surprise!

Susan said...

So lovely of your friend to surprise you with some of her doughnuts, they look amazing!