Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Lots of Takeout!

My friend Greg was in town last week, and we did lots of eating out! Way more than usual for me. One of our stops was at the new Plant-Based Heat, a totally vegan restaurant that's really knocking it out of the park with their delicious food! I tried the Agave Gold Vings (vegan wings) with fries. These wings were super crispy and coated with a tangy-sweet BBQ sauce. They offer Vings in so many different flavors. I can't wait to try more.

Greg is a big fan of Vietnamese food, and we have lots of that here in Memphis! When he arrived in town on Saturday, we went straight to Pho Binh and ordered Green Bean Tofu and Mushroom Tofu takeout. Unfortunately, Pho Binh is doing takeout only. I soooo miss their amazing tofu buffet. But the bonus to takeout is that they give you so much food that it lasts for days.

Paul loves Pho Binh's Tofu Pho, so he ordered some of that. But he never finishes an order, and I always end up with his leftovers, as seen here! Again, they give you enough for at least two meals!

We also stopped at Pho Saigon so Greg could order Bahn Xeo, which is what I would typically order as well. But I really wanted to try the Bahn Out (rice pancake) this time. These chewy white rice pancakes are topped with fried onions, fried tofu, fresh carrot and daikon, fresh basil, and cucumber. They serve this with fish sauce, but I asked to have that left off and then used soy sauce for seasoning.

And finally, here's a LuLu's Wake Up Wednesday breakfast of a Tofu Breakfast Sando with sauteed oyster mushrooms (that Don foraged locally!!) with a coffee from Boycott Coffee.


Jennifer Bliss said...

Look at all of that vegan take-out! OMG! Looks and sounds incredible! You have so many great options near you!

Sri said...

I agree it is nice to see the breadth of vegan food you guys have available.

Susan said...

So much good food! Can't wait to visit there one day and you will show me all the best places. :)