Monday, October 4, 2021

Bluff City Vegan Eats: Flame Ramen

Memphis has two new ramen restaurants! One of those is Flame Ramen, and I finally got to try their ramen last week on a dinner date with my friend Susan. Ramen is hands-down my favorite food, followed closely by popcorn, donuts, and pizza. But ramen has my heart!

Flame Ramen is located on the busy corner of Union and McLean. Susan wanted to sit outside because she's not super-comfortable with indoor stuff yet, so we sat on the small patio. It wasn't too hot outside, so that was nice. But the traffic on Union was pretty loud, so I'd recommend indoor seating if you go. But the traffic is my only complaint. The food was fantastic!

We started with the Vegetable Gyoza, and they were perfect. Each little pillow was stuffed with savory veggies, and they were topped with a spicy salt and seasoned with soy sauce.

I ordered the Vegan Paradise Ramen, which has soft, fresh noodles, tofu, scallions, vegetable gyoza (there were more in the soup!), corn, and wood ear mushrooms.

I loved everything about this soup. The noodles tasted so fresh, not at all like the fried packaged noodles you'd buy in the store. The gyoza were a lovely surprise. Who doesn't like dumplings in their soup? I'd never had wood ear mushrooms, but these had a nice bite. And corn is a must-add in all my at-home ramen bowls, so I appreciated that this bowl had corn. But we all know the most important part of a ramen bowl is the broth, and this broth was great! It was garlicky and savory without being too salty. 

10/10 would eat again! And again! Flame Ramen is located at 1838 Union Ave. in Memphis, TN.

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Susan said...

Oh, this looks magnificent!