Thursday, October 21, 2021

Burgers & Breakfast Sandwiches!

I've been craving a wholesome, homemade veggie burger lately, so I flipped through the recipes in The Plant-Based Athlete book and selected a Black Bean Veggie Burger (contributed by ultrarunner and Vega founder Brenden Brazier) that's made with black beans, rolled oats, vegan cheddar shreds, and brown rice. As much as I love a meaty burger, sometimes I crave a squishy homemade patty. This one hit the spot! Paul made us some air-fried fries on the side.

One day last week, I grabbed Farm Burger's Superfood Salad (topped with their homemade veggie patty) to go for lunch. They offer this kale salad with either their homemade quinoa and sweet potato patty or a Beyond patty. It's good both ways, but I was feeling healthy. I love the fried chickpeas on this salad!

I've also been eating lots of breakfast sandwiches lately! Lulu's is doing Wednesday morning breakfast pop-ups at Boycott Coffee downtown for all of October, so that's my new Wednesday morning routine. Here's this Wednesday's sando with tofu egg, sauteed butternut and mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, and cashew cheese on their homemade bun. With a Boyott oatmilk latte. What a perfect morning treat!

And finally, here's a made-at-home breakfast sandwich on a locally made Dave's whole wheat bagel. Stuffed with Nabati Plant Eggz, tempeh bacon, microgreens, and Tofutti cream cheese. YUM!


Sri said...

I am loving your burger mania 😋

Susan said...

Also, a bean burger recipe with vegan cheese added to the mix sounds like it would be wonderful.

Jennifer Bliss said...

I always LOVE seeing the menus and floor plans of restaurants in other areas and you have so many of them there! That's a MASSIVE Veggie Burger, too! Nice!

Promocodeshub said...

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