Tuesday, October 12, 2021

BBQ, Burgers, Wings, & Donuts

Who says you have to give up the good stuff to go vegan?! Today's post is full of recent meals that would make any omni want to go plant-based! Last Tuesday, I went to a National Night Out potluck in my Crosstown neighborhood (a potluck!! I am so glad those are back!!). I'm on the Crosstown Memphis CDC board of directors, and we hosted this outdoor event at Crosstown Brewing. The treasurer was bringing pork BBQ, so I made some slow-cooked Jackfruit BBQ and Vegan Coleslaw. It was a hit!! And I think I was the only vegan there! I had enough left to make one leftover sandwich on a Lulu's bun for lunch the next day.

On Sunday, Paul and I grilled the Wicked Kitchen Jalapeno Burgers. WOW! These were amazing. The "meat" was very similar to Beyond, but the burgers were loaded with finely chopped green jalapenos. They weren't very spicy, but the flavor was fantastic! I will absolutely buy these again.

Speaking of jalapenos, here's a Tomato Jalapeno Scone from Lulu's at the Cooper-Young Farmers Market. Had this as a pre-run snack on Sunday. 

Last Thursday, I met some friends at Slider Inn for a late night meal of Vegan Tofu & Cauliflower Wings & Fries (and beers!). This is not a great photo since we sat outside on the dark patio. But trust me: These wings are fire! The yellow-looking dip is vegan ranch, and it is actually white and delicious. The lighting was just really bad. 

And finally, here's a Vegan Classic Glazed Donut from Darling Donuts Memphis. Lily of Darling Donuts sells her donuts at French Truck Coffee on Mondays. I grabbed one to enjoy with some raspberry leaf tea as a mid-morning snack. 


Jenny said...

Yes, this post should make anyone want to go vegan! I want to find those jalapeno burgers- sounds like they're too meaty for me, but my husband and son would love them.

Sri said...

I love that you made vegan BBQ for an event 😍