Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Tacos! Tostadas! Nachos! Quesadillas!

I've been on a bit of a taco kick lately! I'm always behind on reading my magazines, so I'm still working my way through the VegNews Summer of Tacos issue, and the recipes have had me all inspired. Last week, I made the Migas Breakfast Tacos with Nabati Plant Eggz (cooked with crumbled tortilla chips, salsa, and vegan cheese) and tempeh bacon. There's really no better breakfast than tacos!

I also made the Oaxacan Black Beans recipe from that VegNews issue. These slow-cooked, refried black beans are seasoned with epazote, and the recipe recommends topping them with a homemade tofu queso freso (that recipe was also in the magazine). I enjoyed the beans and "cheese" in tacos.

And on crispy tostadas!

And atop nachos with lots of other toppings! This was more like nacho salad. I used some Kite Hill queso for melted cheese on these. These nachos were fire!

And finally, I had the last of the beans in a vegan quesadilla with Nabati cheddar shreds and mushrooms and topped with all kinds of toppings (including the last of that tofu queso fresco). I had more of that delicious Kite Hill queso with chips on the side. 


Sri said...

Wow I need to find a back copy of this VegNews magazine! Such inspired tacos.

Susan said...

You are on a taco-themed roll!