Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Vegan Bubble Tea at Sugar Ghost!!

Memphis is about to get a new vegan-friendly ice cream and bubble tea shop! Sugar Ghost is opening on Broad Avenue later this summer, but you can get a taste of what they'll be offering now at their adorable food truck!

I stopped by the truck on Sunday to try their Vegan Classic Black Bubble Tea! Fruit bubble teas are typically vegan, but vegan milk teas are much harder to find. I don't think anyone else in Memphis offers a vegan milk boba, so I was so excited to learn Sugar Ghost offers an almond milk option for their classic black tea.

This was creamy and sweet with just the right amount of chewy tapioca pearls. Nothing beats the feeling of sucking a chewy boba pearl up through a giant straw and squishing it between your teeth. They also have the popping lychee boba for those who prefer pop to chew. I'm a tapioca boba girl myself though!

The food truck currently offers this vegan black milk boba, as well as numerous fruit teas that are also vegan. And they have vegan ice cream bars by Chloe's (mint chip, raspberry chip, and salted caramel)! They'll be parked at 2613 Broad Ave every Friday-Sunday from noon-4 pm until the shop opens (right next door to where the truck is parked!). 

Once the shop opens, they'll also have handcrafted vegan ice cream. I know where I'll be all summer after Sugar Ghost opens!


Susan said...

I love bubble tea. Thankfully one of the chains of bubble tea shops here has started offering soy milk, so I can have some milky ones as well as fruity ones.
I was just talking about pears with a friend today. I love the chewy tapioca ones, but I cannot handle the texture and feeling of the popping ones.

Jenny said...

I liked their bubble tea, but I think I like Tenn Tea just a little bit more. I like the chewier version of boba at TT; the boba at Sugar Ghost was a little hard. Regardless, I'm so glad you got to enjoy some! Yay for another bubble tea place in Memphis! Also, I heard vegan ice cream is on the way from them 🙌🙌🙌!