Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Falafel, Bowls, & Rice Noodle Salad

One day last week, I stopped by Global Café in Crosstown Concourse for lunch before going into the office. I've been working from home some and in the office some. I got the Falafel and Hummus with a side of Tabbouleh. Global has the best falafel in Memphis, and they're soooo big! I can never eat all four at once.

I also had some tabbouleh leftover, so the next day, I made a grain/green/bean bowl with quinoa, roasted beets from the farmer's market, sauteed collards (also from the market), pintos, Hope roasted garlic cashew-almond sauce (it was on sale at Sprouts!), and that tabbouleh. This was perfect!

Here's another healthy farmer's market-inspired meal! I sauteed local Swiss chard with chickpeas and garlic and served with some LuLu's sourdough topped with mashed avocado. I love summer meals like this so much!

Here's a random, day-before-grocery-day meal. I didn't have much produce left, so I made some Birdeye's frozen steamed Black Rice & Edamame (from a bag) and served with sauteed black beans (from a can) with spinach and cauliflower (both frozen). 

And finally, here's a beautiful dish from the No Meat Athlete Cookbook. This is the Vietnamese Vegetable & Rice Noodle Salad. It has brown rice noodles that are tossed with quick pickled daikon, carrots, and cucumbers and then topped with sauteed tofu, avocado-ginger dressing, cilantro, and chopped peanuts!


Sri said...

What a yummy week you have had! Hope going back to the office (in person) is going well for you.

Hillary said...

Those are some huge falafel!! I've been craving falafel for awhile now!
Every single meal looks incredible!

Susan said...

I've made that salad, and it is so lovely. Great for summer.