Monday, June 21, 2021

Happy Father's Day, Papa Crunk!

I went to Arkansas on Sunday to hang out with my dad for Father's Day! 

My dad is a badass biker dude with a heart of gold. He's also quite the cook! In the last decade or so, he's been experimenting in the kitchen and creating all kinds of fun new recipes, including lots of vegan ones. He ferments his own wine. He watches NASCAR. He loves skulls. And he counts his carbs. But most importantly, my dad is the best dad on the planet!! 

On Sunday, we had a lovely ALL-VEGAN Father's Day meal! My parents always make vegan food when I'm coming to visit, but typically, they'll make some meat dish on the side that my dad will eat with his partially vegan meal. But this time, we all ate vegan! My parents made General Tso's Tofu with Vegan Egg Fried Rice and Vegetable Spring Rolls.

This tofu was so good! It had a savory-sweet sauce, and it was perfect with the fluffy fried rice. My mom added Just Egg to make it eggy. The spring rolls were stuffed with cabbage and other veggies and deep fried. That's a real treat since I don't typically deep-fry at home. 

I got my daddy some 111 proof Chattanooga Whiskey that I picked up on our trip there in April. He can never have too many bottles of whiskey!

My dad sent me home with two bottles of his homemade strawberry wine (made with the last of my Granny's frozen strawberries that were in her freezer when she passed). And he sent me home with this! His very own spice blend, which he says is good on everything but poop! It really is awesome. It might even make poop taste good!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!


Sri said...

What a beautiful family you have. Glad you got to see your family in an easier manner post-pandemic. Sounds like you had some lovely treats to extend the joys of the visit.

Jenny said...

Aw... happy Father's Day to Papa Crunk! I'm so impressed that you all ate a 100% vegan meal- but then again, why would you want to add anything? It looks delicious!

Susan said...

Happy father's day to your wonderful dad!