Thursday, June 10, 2021

Not Eggs!

Here's an assortment of vegan breakfasts I've been eating lately! We'll start with this sexy Vegan Omelet made from Just Egg and stuffed with Daiya cheddar, bell pepper, tomatoes, and spinach. I was at Sprouts a couple weeks ago, and they had Just Egg on sale for $3.99, so I couldn't resist. Or so I thought it was $3.99. When I checked out, it rang up at $4.99. I guess someone forgot to change the sale sign. Oh well! This omelet was worth the extra $1. I had a slice of LuLu's garlic-rosemary sourdough on the side. 

I also used some of that Just Egg to make this tasty Breakfast Sandwich with avocado on a Dave's Killer English Muffin (my new favorite bread product!).

And I also used some Just Egg to top an Avocado Toast. I did one slice with Just Egg and the other with nooch and sriracha. 

Here's a breakfast that didn't involve Just Egg! I picked up a Tofu Breakfast Biscuit from the LuLu's booth at the Coooper-Young Farmer's Market last Saturday and enjoyed it for breakfast on Sunday. The eggy tofu was perfectly breaded, and the biscuit was hearty and filling. 


Sri said...

Well these definitely qualify for Breakfast Of The Champions! Everything looks so tasty! I am with you in savory breakfasts.

Hillary said...

I love all of Dave's killer bread products!! I can't eat any other hamburger buns now. Even though it's on the pricier side, it's still cheaper than the nasty gluten free bread I made myself eat back in the day!

Rebekah said...

haha! I'm in Kansas City, but the same thing happened to me at Sprouts. Bought Just Egg thinking it was $3.99. Got home and looked at the receipt and it said $4.99 - dang it!