Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Tacos, Wraps, & Burgers!

Last night was Taco Tuesday at Global Café, and they were slammed! I usually order online and then show up just in time to pick up my food. But I decided to order in person, thinking I'd be home with tacos in thirty minutes or less. But orders were taking much longer last night. Luckily, I ran into some friends in the ordering line, so we got our $2.95 margaritas and sat outside on the patio while we waited for our tacos. It was nice to hang out with people for a bit! I'm so glad spring is here, so we can safely gather outside! It almost felt like 2019 for a minute. 

I didn't take any pics of my Black Bean Tacos with Avocado when they were fresh, because I was so hungry by the time I got them that I pretty much inhaled two right away. But I saved two for lunch today, along with leftover chips and garlic-habanero salsa. These tacos are SO GOOD. I don't know how they season their black beans, but they taste like magic. And that salsa is so spicy and tasty!

I've been enjoying Hummus & Veggie Wraps for lunch this week, along with IWON Sweet Dijon Protein Stix. I found these crunchy snacks on clearance at Kroger, and I wish I'd bought all the bags. They're so tasty! 

And here's a recent Boca Chicken Sandwich with Miyoko mozz and some Air-fried Fries. I'd been craving British-style malt vinegar fries, so I doused these babies in vinegar and served with ketchup.

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Hillary said...

I love vinegar on fries!!
It's such a bummer when you find and love something on clearance. I've wished I bought more of so many things!!