Monday, April 12, 2021

Stir-fry, Avo Bagels, and Mug Scrambled Tofu

I've been having fun creating new recipes for a cookbook project that may never see the light of day! Ha! I needed a reason to get creative in the kitchen, so I've been playing around with vegan fitness recipes. For the post-run protein section, I want to include lots of protein-heavy, whole foods-based dishes, like this Tempeh & Bok Choy Stir-fry that I whipped up with bok choy from my CSA and some mung bean sprouts. I use the leftover tempeh marinade as the stir-fry sauce so you don't waste anything!

I've also been having fun with new ideas for pre-run bagel spreads. Before a 14K trail race on Saturday, I made some Avocado Everything Spread with fresh avocado, everything salt, and nooch. Perfect amount of fat and carbs for a long trail race.

And here's a recipe I didn't create! I've been having fun with Cheap Lazy Vegan's e-cookbooks, and I love this Mug Scrambled Tofu. You just add the veggies, spices, and tofu to a mug and microwave it for four minutes. Tastes just as good as if you'd cooked it in a skillet. 

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Jenny said...

Whoa! Mug scrambled tofu??? I'm going to have to buy the e-cookbook for that recipe alone! My son will be off to college next year and something like this would be perfect for him.