Monday, April 26, 2021

Chattanooga Camping Trip, Day 3: Rock City

Paul and I went to Chattanooga for a camping trip a couple weekends ago to celebrate his 41st birthday! We took our RV and stayed at the Lookout Mountain KOA in Trenton, Georgia, just outside Chattanooga. Last week, I blogged about days one and two, and today, I've got a recap of day three when we visited Rock City. I apologize in advance for all the non-food pics in this post, but Rock City was just so amazing, and I want to share so many pics! But there's food mixed in here too!

On that morning (Sunday), I woke up and had an Everything Bagel Breakfast Sandwich with Just Egg and avocado. I love making fun breakfasts while we camp. We have a little two-burner stove, which is perfect for making my breakfast and Paul's pancakes. He wants pancakes every day!

After my food settled, I went for a little 30-minute run. Sundays are my easy days, but there's nothing easy about running in the mountains. Our campsite was surrounded by hills, and this sign was such a tease when I was halfway up a very long hill.

We had reservations for Rock City at 2 pm, so I had a quick lunch at the campsite of Roasted Veggie Dogs with chips and beer. Lunch of champions!

Then it was Rock City time! Rock City is a beautiful mountain garden with all sorts of fun things to see. There are several squeeze-through situations like this!

And lots of overlooks! And a swinging bridge!

But the very best part is Fairyland Caverns, which leads you through caves filled with these old nursery rhyme scenes that were sculpted between the 1940s and 1960s. They're lit with blacklights and look super-trippy. I went to Rock City with my parents back in the early 2000s, and this was my favorite part. I loved seeing all this cool stuff again! And thankfully, cameras have improved, and I was able to capture the black-lit coolness with my phone. The pics I have from that original trip were all flash photos and not nearly as cool-looking!

Our Rock City tickets came with a BOGO coupon for entrees at Chattanooga Brewing Co., and we are always trying to fit in as many breweries as we can on our vacations. So we went there for dinner. I started with a Hill City IPA.

The only vegan items were a hummus wrap or a hummus plate, so I went with the plate. This had some tasty handmade hummus with pita and pickled veggies.

Afterward, we went back to our campsite and sat around the campfire before retreating to our RV to watch Stepbrothers (with Will Ferrell!) and go to bed. I'll have the last camping post up tomorrow!

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Jenny said...

Wow, this whole trip looks amazing! I love the shirt you're wearing, and I love how Paul wants to eat pancakes every day for breakfast. As usual, you guys really know how to live it up!
Btw I meant to comment on the last post- Chattanooga TN has a vegan restaurant??? We've really come a long way!