Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Vegan Easter!

I don't celebrate Easter in a religious way, but y'all know I love every holiday! To me, Easter means Spring is well underway and the Earth is super-fertile. It also means chocolate bunnies and vegan eggs! I may be 40 years old, but my awesome dad still sends me Easter basket treats. This year, he ordered a Moo Free White Chocolate Bunny and some Sjaak's Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs.

I broke into the eggs a few days before Easter, and they're so good. These are stuffed with crunchy peanut butter, and we all know PB chocolate is the greatest flavor combo on Earth. 

I waited until after my Easter morning run to try the bunny. I wasn't sure what to expect because I've had some vegan white chocolate that wasn't so great, but y'all, this Moo Free white chocolate is AWESOME. It actually tastes just like dairy white chocolate as opposed to the waxy cocoa butter flavor that some vegan brands have. Glad I still have lots of bunny left! I ate the ears first.

Later that afternoon, I went on an Easter picnic at Overton Park. We packed Miyoko's vegan mozz, some fresh tuscan loaf, vegan black forest ham, homemade vegan deviled eggs (from my recipe in Cookin' Crunk), mandarins, and grapes. Plus, some red wine!


Hillary said...

I just had an experience with some super waxy, very disappointing vegan white chocolate.
I've been wanting to go on a spring picnic myself!

Jenny said...

Oh, that's funny- my kids got some of that in their baskets! My son got the peanut butter eggs, and my daughter got some of the Moo-free white chocolate bars- now I'm mad I didn't get her the bunny! She really liked them, so I'll have to remember this brand for the next holiday.

Susan said...

Those peanut butter eggs sound legit amazing!!!
I love Sjaak's, but sadly cannot get it here.