Monday, March 30, 2020

Vegan BBQ + Spaghetti Night + Breakfasts!

Here's a round-up of a few things I've been eating while quarantined at home! Last Tuesday was The Great American Takeout (a day when we were all encouraged to support restaurants still open for takeout), so I ordered the Vegan Memphis BBQ plate from Imagine Vegan Cafe. They're doing pick-up and delivery, and I plan to order at least once a week for as long as this goes on. I really hate how much this COVID-19 thing is hurting small businesses like Imagine.

I'm working from home these days. Paul is still working at work, but his company has reduced the number of days they're working, so he's home in Memphis when they're off. That means there are lots of Spaghetti Nights in our future. That's our favorite meal to cook together. Here's a recent spaghetti night pic!

Last week, for breakfasts, I finished off my Be Leaf Vegan Fried Eggs (served with toast and air-fried potatoes). I'm sad these eggs, made with tofu skin (yuba) are gone! They're so good but a little on the pricy side. 

Here's another fun breakfast! I made some soy yogurt in the Instant Pot using unsweetened soy milk and starter from a friend. Here's a Yogurt & Fruit Parfait Bowl!

And finally, here's a yummy Ramen Bowl for Sunday's breakfast. Now that I'm not 50K training anymore, I don't have to run on Sunday mornings. And that means more time for ramen!


Hillary said...

Yay for more ramen and spaghetti nights! I think it's great that you're able to still support Imagine Cafe!
I really want to try those eggs, but I've only seen them in one store an they are so out of my budget, especially now!! Someday I will though!!
Hope you're hanging in there!!!
From what I can see on Instagram, Maynard is definitely doing his best to keep you company and laughing!!!

Regenbogenwelten said...

Those eggs look so real, that's crazy. I totally have to try them!